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    All, i wanted to pose a question. I know handicap people may never sit by emergency exits but my question is...for example.

    If there was a person with a fixed cast on a 757 that had to have there leg straight, where would they sit? I myself said row 19 abc or 18 on the right side but it technically not a bulkhead due to the doors.However, i posed that question to a FA and they said the person couldnt sit there thus leaving them with no seat...


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    the best thing to do is talk to the passenger and find out if they want front or the rear and then coordinate with the flight crew...on the older Delta configurations I tried to use row 20 if they wanted the front, or the last row - that way they could easily stand and move to allow the beverage cart past and then sit down again quickly...on the newer configurations (former Song birds) I liked 19F, it has no seat in front of it...


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      In the course of my job I have often picked up patients from the airport who have had to come home with a full leg cast ( just about every one of them from a skiing resort !! ). They normally travel with a medical escort under the insistence of their insurance company, and frequently get to fly in businesss class to facilitate the required legroom. When they travel in economy they are often seated in the back row window seat with the seat row in front either removed or, if it can be done, with the seat back in front laid forward and the seat alongside blocked so that they can extend their leg. The medical escort travels in the seat next to them. I don't know of any modern aircraft that can have the seat back laid forward so most travel in business class.

      One of the reasons why a medical repatriation is so expensive.

      .....and if God had intended us to go skiing, He would have given us UK size 52 feet !!!
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