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Recession and Safety

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  • Recession and Safety

    See, this is the thing that annoys the HELL outa me!

    "I don't know of any situation where a carrier has mixed economics with safety, and I don't believe you ever will see a situation where airlines mix economics with safety. Getting people to their destination safely is the highest priority; it always has been and always will be," Castelveter said.

    *cough*Valu-Jet*cough*Alaska Airlines*cough*

    I wonder if you just have to be a sociopath to stand there and say things like that. Maybe they put them on a lie-detector and if there's the slightest tremor, they don't let the media anywhere near the person.

    Why was Air France "phasing in new pitot tubes"? They could just cancel all reservations, ground the planes, and retrofit them all. That would be the decision if "safety is the highest priority". But it aint, and any observer of corporate business has known for a lifetime it aint.

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    I agree... the commentators who claim that it is always safety first are talking complete sh*te.

    Affordable safety.

    I personally don't think there is anything wrong with balancing... it has to be done, otherwise airlines wouldn't fly, but, yes it is rediculous for anyone in the industry to claim that they never consider cost and only safety.