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Powered Paraglider Crash Injures 6 at Utah Park

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  • Powered Paraglider Crash Injures 6 at Utah Park

    HOOPER, Utah - Six people were injured when a paramotor crashed into a crowd at a park. Eye witnesses say they saw at least four people loaded into ambulances. Weber County dispatch reported two people, one a four-year-old girl, who were taken to the hospital by medical helicopter. The crash occcured at about 3:30 p.m. on Monday in City Park and Arena (6100 West 5500 South).
    Source and story with video.,4430335.story

    When I posted the breaking news story yesterday about an airplane that crashed in the park; I wondered if there was any showboating going on that may have been a contributing factor. It sounds like it wasnít, however in the case of this paraglide it seems like showboating was a factor or causation.

    It sounds like target fixation may have been a factor. The story I heard was that the pilot of this paraglider was intending to drop prizes to the crowd below. Perhaps he became target fixated on dropping the prizes and forgot to keep his main concentration on flying the aircraft.

    Anyway he was flying too low over the crowd for safety.

    Anyway I feel if there is a prize drop(candy drop or such); that it should be done in front of a show line and after the aircraft passes then the participants should be allowed to cross onto the field. I feel that there should be an established line with security; such as personnel manning caution tape to establish a line; then after the aircraft passes and all the items have hit the ground than the tape should be dropped and a signal given to allow the participants to run onto the field. I object to flying directly over an audience, and I object to dropping objects directly into an audience. Participants should be advised in advance not to storm the established line until the caution tape is dropped and a given signal like foghorns are sounded.

    This seems reminiscent of a candy drop at a school several years ago. IIRC the aircraft was a piper cub, it was an elderly pilot that apparently became disoriented and/or had a heart attack or stroke. In that case I donít think the audience was harmed; however I think the pilot was killed. Though if I recall correctly the plane crashed and the pilot was killed in front of a bunch of elementary students.

    I did a quick search for and couldn't find the video or the story on that piper cub. Here is another similar story unless my memory is wrong; this could be the same story.

    FTW96LA163 For details, refer to NTSB Imaging System
    Accident occurred APR-07-96 at MIDLOTHAIN, TX

    Aircraft: Piper J3C-65, registration: N7440H

    Injuries: 2 Uninjured.

    The pilot reported that he had made a pass over the taxiway to drop Easter candy to children. During a second pass to drop the remaining candy, the airplane's landing gear struck the east-west power line wires located north of the taxiway. The airplane came to rest on its nose on the taxiway.