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Aeromexico Hijacking in Mexico City

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  • Aeromexico Hijacking in Mexico City

    CNN reporting an Aeromexico 737 has been hijacked on the ground in Mexico City.

    (CNN) -- A commercial airliner carrying 104 passengers has been hijacked on the tarmac at Mexico City's airport, CNN affiliate TV Azteca reported Wednesday. Three abductors aboard the Boeing 737 Aeromexico jet have threatened to blow it up if their demand to speak to President Felipe Calderon is not met, the station said.
    The incident began at 1:40 p.m. (2:40 p.m. ET), when the plane arrived from Cancun, it said.

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    Watching CNN, it looks like it has been resolved with the hijackers surrendering, no shots fired, and all passengers and crew safely removed from the aircraft. From the coverage, looks like the aircraft was EI-DRA

    KC-135: Passing gas and taking names!


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      I'm watching the live press conference now.

      The plane departed from Cancun, bound to Mexico City.

      The hijacker was a Bolivian priest who says he had a "revelation" from God who told him that there is going to be a major earthquake in Mexico on September 16th. According to witnesses, he was carrying a bible. He asked to talk to Mexico's president, to give him his divine message.

      The hijacker said that as today is 9/9/9 which turned upside down is 666, today was a designated day for a major revelation. He asked the captain to fly 7 times around Mexico City. The captain didn't comply, citing fuel concerns, and landed at Mexico City. The plane was then sent to an area of the airport designated for bomb threats and hijackings.

      Women and children were allowed to leave the plane, then the hijacker surrendered, and special troops stormed the plane, arresting all male passengers - it seems that there were rumours about three hijackers.

      After checking the passengers, it was established that it was a lone hijacker, with a fake bomb.


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        Hijacked Aeromexico: The Story
        Mexicana Link - Eficiencia, Calidad y Accesibilidad desde Guadalajara ”AJUA!

        La Primera siempre serį la Primera.....


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          priest, eh? strangle him with his collar.


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            Guess the Christian space cadets resent all the attention gotten over the years by their Islamic counterparts. Now, its their turn.