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LH 747 returns to FRA due to Oil Leak...

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    Originally posted by P3_Super_Bee View Post
    Turn around and fly into the winds with 3 motors don't make much since either. They must not have been very close to Greenland as reported. Somewhere in Greenland should be the point of no return. I think they are about and hour short of the point of no return around Iceland.

    And the notion that LH doesn't have maintenance support at JFK seems a little ridiculous as well.(could be wrong, but then a lot of airlines flying to places without support, have maintenance flying on the aircraft, unless that only happens on military charters.)

    Who knows... LH does for sure, and I doubt we ever will...
    I have a German news source that says, the LH-B744 was almost exactly halfway to New York. So I would think, a decision for New York or Frankfurt is like a dice. But if I had to make that decision, maybe I also retourned to Frankfurt due to at least two reasons. Germany and especially Frankfurt is Home country for LH, so if there is something wrong with the a/c, the german passengers may feel safe when they return home. Another reason is more a guess (I'm not sure about that), most of the LH-B744-maintenance-team maybe is based at Frankfurt. So, seen again from the view of a passenger, it may be best if the pilot and the maintenance team communicate the actual situation of the a/c in their first language (german in this case).
    The same is imho with an UA transatlantic (e.g.) who is halfway to Europe, this pilot maybe chooses to return to the US and communicates the situation in his first language (english in this case).
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      halfway is not rolling the dice. you're forgetting that they have to put all the pax on another aircraft and spend how much more in fuel????