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Two-foot hole appears in plane at 31,000 feet

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    Gabriel, exactly! We would often use a scribe to map out a hole we wanted to cut out for a patch. It showed up well in the green of the zinc chromate primer.

    This sounds as if type of "scribe" would be from a tool mark or accidentally dragging some equipment across the surface. Aluminum is tough but work hardens easily.

    I should have picked up on that but it's been a long time.

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      Originally posted by Airfoilsguy View Post


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        No SYDCBRWOD, I live under one of the approaches for EWR and an A3SUMTHIN' just flew over my house; it was like the first time I had sex.

        it was dark

        it was scary


        I was all alone
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          Originally posted by guamainiac View Post

          You have me by the sneakers? What does that mean?
          I think he means "scriber" an outdated and outlawed method of marking lines on a surface with a sharp metal object. Replaced by a red non lead pencil that would not interact with the aluminum.
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            If you only bothered to read the info provided, you'd see that it's not an intentional mark but damage produced when trimming decals or masking tape or removing sealalnts with sharp objects.

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              American Airlines is inspecting two-thirds of its Boeing 757 fleet following an October incident where a hole ripped open on one of its aircraft flying from Miami to Boston.

              The Fort Worth-based carrier is in the process of checking 87 of its 124 Boeing 757 aircraft based on a service bulletin issued by Boeing, said American spokesman Tim Smith. Close to half of the inspections have been completed.

              “We have been accomplishing the inspections expeditiously as the aircraft flow through our maintenance facilities for other routine maintenance,” Smith said. “There is nothing we can report at this time as to any findings related to the inspections.”

              Hmmm. Well, this, on the heels of the DL "hatch" incident on approach to CPH. It's about time to do some checking...
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