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Malaysia Airlines Loses Contact With 777 en Route to Beijing

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  • Originally posted by starchyme View Post
    NaturalNews' summary did co-inside with what many "speculate" and is no different from the info coming from other blogs. So it was relevant for inclusion with all the other unconfirmed speculations going on. You can say the same for 99% of posts here then. Peace
    The problem that I have with the article isn't the "facts" that they list, which are basically just a re-hashing of what at the time of publication was some of the more recent information being brought forth (I prefer the word "evidence", I think), but the conclusion they draw, which is that the passengers are still alive. All of what they said could be true, but you can infer from none of it that the plane didn't crash, let alone that the passengers didn't die in some other manner.

    A more compelling piece of evidence that the plane landed, however, rather than crashing, is that now that we believe the pilot did not add extra fuel, it seems the plane should have run empty prior to the last ping.


    • Originally posted by Evan View Post
      Yes, assuming that the satellite can in fact determine distance from the transmitter and that this is what the arcs are drawn from.

      I question this assumption too. For the satellite to determine the distance from the transmitter, the satellite would have to know exactly the time the transmission was broadcast. Is the timing of these transmissions that accurate??


      • The Psychology of Evil

        One question I ask myself, as I'm sure many others do, is what sort of person could be behind the possible murder of 238 people, plus himself?

        The general answer is, it has to be someone who has detached himself from his humanity, someone who is acting without empathy or compassion: the death he is inflicting on so many fellow human beings is in some sense not real to him.

        Specifically, if this act were perpetrated by a terrorist, though at this point there's no reason to believe that such a person was on board, the question is an easy one to answer. A terrorist is indoctrinated to believe that most human life is intrinsically without value. In combination with his extreme beliefs, he is desensitized to violence, and has typically witnessed, experienced, or participated in wars and atrocities. Killing takes on the same significance to him as slaughtering livestock, and he does it without emotion, without remorse. To the average person listening to a terrorist articulate his beliefs, he comes across as wholly irrational.

        But let's say that such an easy explanation does not exist, that this was not the act of an extremist. Then we have to look elsewhere. The most common example in western society of someone who can indiscriminately take lives in an act of mass murder is someone who is emotionally unstable and in a highly agitated state. Almost always, upon investigating the background of such an individual, we find in retrospect telltale signs of depression, obsessive and often delusional behavior, as well as a fixation with certain elements of the ultimate deed he carries out. He is, by definition, a sociopath.

        I hate to pick on the pilot, but he's definitely a top candidate given what we know, and it's why I think we need to pay particular attention to things like his political affiliations, his flight simulator, and so forth. In and of themselves, these are all innocent associations, but how many times after the fact have you heard people talk about a perpetrator of some heinous act as someone who "was always going on about such-and-such...", indicative of a far deeper obsession. As the pilot lived by himself in his half of the house, with his estranged family in the other, what might have been going on in his mind we have no idea.

        I can think of another example of someone who takes lives with basically the flick of a switch, and that's someone in the military. Today, of course, soldiers make a distinction between opposition forces and innocent civilians, but it wasn't that long ago that we dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and bombed the hell out of Dresden. The same, of course, is true for almost every nation that has a history of military conflict.

        That does not seem to enter into this situation, other than the fact that it once again points out how a person can, seemingly with relative ease, train his mind to exclude the human side of what he's doing, and focus only on his mission.

        And it's why, I think, were this to turn out to be a case of malicious pilot intervention, it would be a worst-case scenario for pilots moving forward. A pilot has so much power over life and death at just the push a few buttons. Yes, it's always been this way, and there have been precedents, but somehow this would be different. This would be such a loathsome and calculated act committed by a seemingly intelligent, social, and jovial person, but a person gone terribly wrong. And he would have carried out his morbid vision behind reinforced steel doors, designed to keep the bad guys out.

        Who could be next?


        • Originally posted by Fear_of_Flying View Post
          I hate to pick on the pilot, but he's definitely a top candidate given what we know, and it's why I think we need to pay particular attention to things like his political affiliations, his flight simulator, and so forth.
          Just think a bit further. If the aircraft was steered of course by the captain, then

          a.) He did ist with the help of the F/O
          b.) He knocked out the F/O so that he could not interfere
          c.) He took over control when the F/O left the cockpit to see for example the washroom and did not re-open the cockpit door again.


          a.) Rather unlikely since crews are usually mixed each flight.

          b.) Possible. But in this case this must have done without a fight in order not to get attention from the crew, maybe with drops or whatever.

          c.) Possible but imho not very realistic. In this case I guess the F/O would have spoken to the rest of the crew and tried to get some help via the airphones and / or mobile phones of the passenges.

          But even b: ) does not show any motive. If you wanna crash, you just do it and do not fly for hours until you (probably) run out of fuel.

          This all does not end up to me.....


          • Originally posted by Brainsys View Post
            We know the US has substantial intelligence assets in the Indian Ocean. If they were lucky enough to detect the craft they have the 'enigma' problem that in revealing the information reveals their capability. Keeping that secret would be of higher value than recovering the craft and contents.

            The best they could do is to drop false information through third parties which might lead people towards an accidental discovery.

            Which could explain a lot really. But its just speculation.
            No it couldn't. That's the purpose!


            • Originally posted by BoeingBobby View Post

              Here is my scenario of what I think went down:

              Once airborne the Captain takes out the First Officer. The aircraft climbs to its assigned altitude of FL350 on course to the planned destination. Alone in the cockpit with the ability to start pulling circuit breakers, he first disables the passenger oxygen system. He dons his oxygen mask and slowly raises the cabin so as not to alert the flight attendants. Time of useful consciousness at FL350 is around 5 minutes. After he is satisfied that they are all out (and he can take a look on his cockpit cameras of the back), he re-pressurizes the airplane so he can do his dirty work. He then starts the systematic shutdown of all of the communication equipment. Now he starts his course deviations to throw off anyone that maybe watching his primary radar target. After he is satisfied that he has placed enough “confusion” into the mix, he now inputs the coordinates of his researched really deep spot in the ocean into the FMS, executes the command and sits back and thinks about what he is about to do to himself and the 200+ poor bastards in the back that are going with him.
              Sorry, the thread is quite long now.... Didn't I read somewhere that the c/b for ACARS are in the back of the aircraft? Wouldn't ACARS need to be disabled first or else it would start complaining about cabin air conditioning, like it did for AF 447?


              • Just in from the latest Press Conference

                Voice on last radio transmission identified as FO @ 1:19 MYT.

                ACARS disabled between 1:07 - 1:37 MYT

                Last ACARS communication at 1:07 MYT
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                Originally posted by orangehuggy
                the most dangerous part of a flight is not the take off or landing anymore, its when a flight crew member goes to the toilet


                • Originally posted by mfeldt View Post
                  No it couldn't. That's the purpose!
                  Sorry to be thick. What purpose of what?


                  • Originally posted by BoeingBobby View Post
                    I have seen no mention of a relief pilot or a dead heading flight crew member.
                    News on the radio this morning said that a flight engineer who was travelling as a passenger was being investigated, although not found anything online to cite (in admittedly 30 seconds of looking). Then again I imagine they're investigating *every* passenger..


                    • Originally posted by PhoenixFlight View Post
                      You are assuming that whomever was flying the aircraft was a scumbag. And you must never assume, because when you assume you make an ASS of U and ME!
                      You are kidding me right?


                      • Originally posted by mfeldt View Post
                        Sorry, the thread is quite long now.... Didn't I read somewhere that the c/b for ACARS are in the back of the aircraft? Wouldn't ACARS need to be disabled first or else it would start complaining about cabin air conditioning, like it did for AF 447?

                        No the FDR & CVR breakers are in the back.


                        • Can you imagine the Conspiracy Theories if this had been a Dreamliner?


                          • Originally posted by BoeingBobby View Post
                            You are kidding me right?
                            He was right on the money. We have no evidence the person was a scumbag.
                            We don't know who did it, why or how. To determine their personality in such a pejorative way is taking several steps too far atm.


                            • Whats about this theory:



                              • Originally posted by Timmerich View Post
                                Whats about this theory: Perhaps a combination of both terrain masking and then using SIA68's "footprint"?

                                The New Strait Times has this report today about the flightpath: Perhaps a combination of both terrain masking and then using SIA68's "footprint"?

                                TERRAIN MASKING: It dropped to 5,000 feet after turning back from Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route on March 8

                                SEPANG: MAS Airlines flight MH370 dropped to an altitude of 5,000 feet, or possibly lower, to defeat commercial (secondary) radar coverage after it turned back from its Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route on March 8.
                                Investigators are poring over the Boeing 777-200ER's flight profile to determine if it had flown low and used "terrain masking" during most of the eight hours it was missing from the radar coverage of possibly at least three countries.
                                Top officials, who make up the technical team that had been holed up from morning till late at night here, are looking at the possibility that the jetliner, carrying 239 people, had taken advantage of the busy airways over the Bay of Bengal. By sticking to commercial routes, the flight may not have raised the suspicion of those manning primary (military) radars of the nations it overflew. To them, MH370 would appear to be just another commercial aircraft on its way to its destination.
                                "The person who had control over the aircraft has a solid knowledge of avionics and navigation, and left a clean track. It passed low over Kelantan, that was true," said officials. "It's possible that the aircraft had hugged the terrain in some areas, that are mountainous to avoid radar detection."