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Seat Recline Wars and airline stupidity

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  • Originally posted by Evan View Post
    bubble-wrap and tranquilizers?
    How sure are we that BB's "cargo" is 100% inanimate objects?
    Be alert! America needs more lerts.

    Eric Law


    • Most European airlines place a financial premium on any seat that has more than the standard legroom. That doesn't make it premium economy, it's just an excuse to screw more money out of passengers. I'm in a Catch22 situation though. Yes, I could pay for an exit seat with more legroom but I'm not allowed to sit in it because I'm considered too disabled because I request assistance to the gate when I book my ticket. I can't walk long distances but opening a wing exit door is no problem. I'm also highly likely to have more knowledge on how to open and remove an exit door than the average passenger.
      But...there's a way around that. Don't book assistance via the airline. Check in first and then go to the assistance desk and get assistance to the gate. Walk to the aircraft, take the legroom seat and smile sweetly. It can go wrong though because I need a seatbelt extension and an FA could remove me from the seat because of that.
      Did I say that I hate flying these days. !!
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !