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    Originally posted by guamainiac View Post
    3WE, I don't know if you've ever been to that part of the world but Sully had no place else, as in zip, zero and nada else place to go. There are no other open spaces for miles along that route. The river was his only option.
    I respectfully disagree (BUT this is complicated and woven issue.)

    I recently heard that a fully-computerized plane could have succesfully returned or made the other nearby airport (both of which were options discussed by the pilots and ATC). Based on this- I disagree- Sully had choices and with super incredible airmanship might have been able to land on an airport.

    CONVERSELY (this is important), my personal belief is that Sully made the right choice given the capabilities of a human to make a deadstick landing in an airliner when he pretty much never ever ever gets to practice any deadstick landings whatsoever in a simulator, nor in the incredible heat of the moment.

    Additionally, I was repeating (and paraphrasing) Gabriel's viewpoints.

    I (that's me, 3BS) am comfortable calling Sully a hero- Airliner water landings don't work out much better. (I guess he could have aimed better to ease the wing up to the shore or a dock, so no one got their feet wet) And, Gabriel's viewpoint that knowing that he only has less than two minutes to deal with stuff and decide whether to land on the airport, and figure out if he has any chance to glide to the Hudson without hitting a bridge, and based on the average result of engine out landings that it's probably his last two minutes of life!...Hellaciously good decision making!!! and a Ballsy call!!!.

    I concur with Gabriel.

    Now, did he flare too high? Gabriel says so and I say it's not wise to argue with him.

    Would Gabriel (or you or me) done better than Sully- I bet a beer NO! (Noth that pure dumb luck doesn't come into play on just about every flare and landing (based on what I read)).

    ...don't think we disagree much: I very much respect what Sully did that day. Conversely, some desk-driving computer jocks say HAL could have done a 180 and kept the luggage dry.

    But, getting to the bottom line- does Sully's experience have relevance to the issue of drone-airliner-midair-collisions?!?!?'s somewhat off topic.
    Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.


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      Originally posted by Evan View Post
      Post-game commentary from certain experts (perhaps the final report - can't recall just now) concluded that he could have made the return to LGA or to Newark but I still think he did the right thing by not risking a much higher death toll if he calculated wrong.
      Concise (unlike my reply)
      Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.


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        "The AP (8/21) notes that Blumenthal is a co-sponsor of the Consumer Drone Safety Act that would regulate when, where, and how hobbyists can operate recreational UAS. "

        I thought FAA rules already covers this (e.g. 5 miles from an airport, max 400-ft, etc). At least for amateur operators.


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          Drones and camera systems were just taken off the shelves yesterday at the "Tri-State" airports ... Newark, JFK and such ... where they were being sold in the gift shops.

          "Why yes sir, drones are in aisle #5 next to the laser pointers"

          Nice bust the other day, some teens lit up a Police helicopter and it immediately set down and arrested them.
          Live, from a grassy knoll somewhere near you.


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