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Reports that a "West Air" CRJ-200 has gone missing in northern Sweden

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  • Reports that a "West Air" CRJ-200 has gone missing in northern Sweden
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    Officials: Swedish postal flight carrying 2 people crashes in Northern Sweden; rescue crews responding.


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      Some updates:

      West Air Sweden Flight PT294 CRJ-200 Crash

      Update in forum

      RIP to the Pilots and their families. Always a sad day to lose an aviators.


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        By the photos here...

        ... it looks like a vertical dive and hitting the ground essentially in one piece (although some smaller parts, an elevator, a slat..., might have separated causing the vertical dive in the first place).

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          If the msn (7010) is correct, then this was originally a -100 and probably the oldest still flying. I have flown the very next one produced (msn 7011) numerous times. Amazingly, that airplane still soldiers on in Africa.


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            Ok, grossly speculative, but this would mark the second time an "empty" CRJ has crashed...were the pilots taking some liberties up there near coffin corner and lost control and/or broke something?
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