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Swiss A340-300 grounded At CSIA, Mumbai

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  • Swiss A340-300 grounded At CSIA, Mumbai

    Swiss Air operates a daily flight from Zurich to Mumbai on the A330-300 or A340-300. One of the A340-300, HB-JME was grounded at Mumbai Airport after the aircraft had a bird strike. As per the communication and statement from the flight crew, the aircraft met with a bird strike after departure but they decided to continue the journey. When the engineers and authorities had a serious check of the airplane, they found that 4 of the engine blades had been damaged because of the bird strike. The aircraft's replacement blades will be coming tonight on board the regular flight and the maintenance will be carried out at CSIA by one of the two strong engineering companies. All the passengers and crew were given comfortable stay at nearby hotels by the airport.

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    The A340-300 departed yesterday at 9:45 A.M from CSIA, Mumbai after replacing it's 4 distorted fan blades.


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      And there was much rejoicing.


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        Hahaha yes!