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    Originally posted by 3WE View Post
    Oh, so we are talking high wing Cessnas?

    Seems to me I can think of three really solid reasons you might want your logbook on a light aircraft, but I'll defer to the 50K hours that the presence of a logbook makes me a fool.
    You made a blanket statement, sigh. ATL is talking about the aircraft maintenance log that is required to be carried on a transport category aircraft for every flight. You are talking about the PILOT's personal logbook. Yes if you are going to get instruction and the instructor is going to be making an entry in your log, you are going to be carrying your log book. Part 91 aircraft are NOT required to have the AIRCRAFT logs carried in them, just available for an FAA inspector. That means you can have them at home, or in the case of a flight school, in the office.

    Just for your edification: