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Tyre Burst at CSIA Mumbai

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  • Tyre Burst at CSIA Mumbai

    Etihad's A340-600, A6-EHI, operating EY203/204 between Mumbai and Abu Dhabi suffered with a tyre burst on Runway 27 of CSIA Mumbai last evening. All the passengers and crew had been reported safe and the secondary runway was brought in to action for a few hours. The incident did not have any major impact on the operations of the airport.

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    It's a bit hard to tell from that photo but the tire looks like it wore through from sliding. Maybe they had a RTO and the brake locked?
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      I am not sure if its a bird hit. But looks like brake locked.


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        I don't get how the rim is not against the asphalt. Is the plane on jacks already?

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          It's either on jacks or the undamaged wheels are holding it up.
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