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Bad take-off computation.

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    Originally posted by 3WE View Post
    Manure shoveling vs. aeroengineer moment: Weight on the nose wheel.

    Remember that MD-80 that laid into it a bit too hard as he turned onto the runway?
    Here we are. I think that I'll never regret the choice of my jetphotos prototypes. MD-80s are and have been so very uncommon in Germany, at least since I am an aviation enthusiast, I really regret that.

    If we talk about my home airport, there only 1 airline comes to my mind which in the past here operated MD-80s. And who else if not the jetphotos platform will tell me in a second if I am right...
    Man, I should be right if we talk about my home airport. Scandinavian airlines. Here is the evidence:
    SK-MD82 at Dusseldorf Rhein Ruhr International airport

    SK stopped to fly that beautiful bird in 2013. But I don't think that the reason was bad t/o computation. I respect the pilots from Copenhagen everytime I see them, nowadays without MD-80.

    Btw, Bobby tried to do what I told him in late August? Back then I thought that he and me overfly the 1,000 post hurdle at the same time. But probably that'll not happen.. But that's ok.

    PS: Iberia also once owned MD-80s before they've become an "Airbus only airline" (!). But I just can't remember if they also flew their MD-80s to DUS. That's a question which you can ask the jetphotos database.
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    That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
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