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Air Canada A320 lands at KSFO despite multiple go-around instructions from tower...

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    I have no idea what the tower controller saw or why he decided he needed to issue a go-around. Airplanes routinely hold short between those runways at SFO on Tango unless they're an A380 or 777-300 or something. The point is, if the tower needs you to go around, you should go around. There can always be something you can't see, a vehicle, an airplane coming from the crossing runway or a crossing taxiway, etc.

    So if you have no radio, you should just go off flying wherever you please (with no flight plan and no communications to ATC)? And just how is it you get your traffic sequencing and collision avoidance and landing clearance to come back and land, if your radio truly is fried? Landing on a nice clear runway ahead isn't better? And just how are you supposed to know when you radio quits....ask for radio checks every 10 seconds (when maybe you want to focus on landing the plane???).
    There are pretty specific and detailed lost comm procedures for commercial flying. I get it, they didn't know they had a radio issue maybe, but I need to see what the investigation says and see if there actually was an issue or the guys just spaced out or ignored the tower because they didn't think it was a problem. That's not ok.


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      Originally posted by Evan View Post
      I'm not aware of any actual regulations to the effect, but it stands to reason that it would be good ATC policy to never have an aircraft holding short of 28L on exit T, and if that happens accidentally, to advise following traffic to go-around until you can get it clear.
      SFO is an unusual field as it has two parallel runways very close together. Therefore the distance from the beginning of exit T—a high-speed turnoff—to the hold line short of 28L is very, very short. It's like having you car stall 50 feet into a highway exit. Not the safest place to be sitting.
      It wouldn't surprise me if SFO has a policy to avoid that danger.
      At LAX we have the same thing on the north side, and when the turn offs between the runways get full, ATC usually tells the next arrival which turnoff they should expect to use or "roll to the end".


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        Aha!!! This, if correct, would make much more sense regarding the sequence of events.

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          Originally posted by Gabriel View Post
          Aha!!! This, if correct, would make much more sense regarding the sequence of events.

          Good find. Two aircraft on the taxiway. Nice job by the controller. In a perfect world, maybe the tower gives turnoff instructions earlier- not that that is a priority during early roll out.
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