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Uncontained #2 engine failure takes out #1 too

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  • Uncontained #2 engine failure takes out #1 too

    Luckily, there was a #3 and #4 too...

    A SA Airline Avro RJ-85, registration ZS-ASW performing flight 4L-8103/SA-8103 from Harare (Zimbabwe) to Johannesburg (South Africa) with 34 passengers and 4 crew, was enroute nearing the top of descent towards Johannesburg when the #2 engine (LF507, inboard left hand) suffered an uncontained failure ejecting parts of the hot section and turbine towards the #1 engine (outboard left hand) causing the engine to fail, too.

    The airline reported : "At no point was the safety of the passengers or crew in jeopardy.
    Right. Especially when the rain of shrapnel went to the left by chance, instead of going to the right...

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