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Air Zimbabwe 767 Engine Surge, Tailpipe Flames, Mayday... Continues to Destination

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    Originally posted by 3WE View Post
    Ummm….OK...Writing specific requirements is a little bit pushy, especially if most facilities to have some sort of plan and equipment- even though you apparently identified one without said plans and equipment.
    I wouldn't actually be writing the requirements because I, the speaker, am not qualified to write regulations, however, I would expect those who are qualified to write regulations would specify (x) number of watercraft meeting (x) specifications and carrying (x) equipment, crewed by a crew meeting (x) training requirement with the ability to dispatch in the water in the shortest time possible, not longer than (x) minutes after an emergency call. So it could be inflatable or conventional-hulled or Baboo's fishing trawler as long as it meets those specifications. There would also have to be a recurrent training requirement, similar to whatever the requirements are for airport emergency services. The regulations would also require that it be better than having nothing at all.



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      Originally posted by Evan View Post

      "There would also have to be a recurrent training requirement"

      I would agree that it would be good if the rescuers could swim themselves.
      Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.