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The elusive problem of human error, CRM and automation...

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  • The elusive problem of human error, CRM and automation...

    In reading some other crash reports, I was thinking that railroads were getting pretty heavily into aeroplanie-type CRM...Both the engineer and the brakeman? both reading and then verbalizing signals and maybe even repeating speeds.

    I've never noticed the brakeman being mentioned in this crash, only the engineer.

    The conclusions are that the dude was distracted (but not really negligent-distracted) and that he "forgot" where he was" and blew through a 45? MPH curve at 70.

    This is pretty textbook on one human, two humans, CRM, automation, and even a call for physical punishment.

    In other train crash news, CSX admitted fault in leaving a switch set wrong- and an Amtrak train barreled onto a siding with a parked train. The engine crew did died.

    The ironing- an automated safety feature was temporarily disabled while positive train control was being installed.
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