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BA Boston - London Part 1

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  • BA Boston - London Part 1

    February 28, 2003
    BA Flight 238
    Leave: Boston 8:15am
    Arrive: London 8:45pm
    Aircraft: 777

    I arrived at Terminal E at 6:00am for check in. The check in process was very slow. I went upstairs to gate 8 and waited two hours fro my flight. At the door of the plane the flight attendants directed us to our seats. As I boarded I noticed Club World and World Traveller Plus were almost completely empty. It was the same way in World Traveller. The World Traveller seats were very comfortable with PTVs and adjustable headrests. However the seats were quiet cramped compared to American and United Plus . Shortly after take off we could see Cape Cod and we were served drinks. About forty-five minutes into the flight they served us Brunch. The choices were English breakfast or Chicken, I had the chicken. The chicken was very good. I heard from other passengers that the English breakfast was terrible. For most of the flight I read and tried to take a nap. About an hour and a half before landing we were served ham and cheese sandwiches that were pretty good. They came around with beverages about forty-five minutes before we landed. The landing was pretty hard, but at lest we were on time.

    Meridian 777

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    thats cool i live in boston
    frist is my last name, not a type-o


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      Part 2 London to Boston will be out soon
      Meridian 777


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        Thanks for the interesting report. I used to fly World Traveller class quite a bit in the early to mid-nineties, until I found that the service had gone down considerably. Somehow your report suggests that it is still not any better . No wonder their planes are empty. I was mostly on the old 747-200s with the lovely RR engines.