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    On April 18, 2002 I was flying American flight 810 from Reno to Boston via Chicago. In Reno we waited four hours ,due to mech. promblems, to board. We waited another hour before our 737-800 finally left the gate. About 5 minutes into the flight there was a violent vibration coming from the tail. THe first thing that poped into my head was USAir flight 427. (Flight 427 crash near Pittisburg in '94 because of a promblem with the rudder) The vibration stopped after about 10-15 seconds. As soon as the vibration stopped eerybody was looking at each other woundering what happened. About three minutes later the pilot told us we would be diverting to Sacramto,Ca because of a promblem with the stambilzer. My first thought that it was a rudder promblem came true. I started crying because I thought we were all going to Die. In fourteen years of flying I've never been so scared. As we got closer to Sacramto i got into the crash postion not sure if the plane would land. When we landed in Sacarmento I told my self that I would never get on another 737. A day later with we hit serve turblence all the way from Dallas to Boston.
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      My worst flight ever:

      SFO-NRT in the spring of 1988 on a UAL 747SP.

      As I recall, the flight was about 11 hours long, and for 8 or 9 hours of it we endured moderate to heavy turbulence. No meals could be served, and it was next to impossible to use the lavatories. I would say that probably 30% of the passengers had to make use of their in-flight sickness bags. It was horrible.


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        My worst flight would have to be the one were i thought i was going to die! Its was from my hometown airport of Wagga Wagga (WGA) to Sydney (SYD). It was on a Kendell Saab-340. It was stormy all the way.I really thought i was going to die.


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          Outbound: CWL-MAN-YQX-SFB(Airtours and Coachline Travel) Inbound SFB-CWL(Skyservice Canada)

          My Worst flight must be on a Airtours International Boeing 767-200 where on the way out we were suppose to depart from CWL and because of a Technical Failure with the a/c it turned out to be a full blown 27 hr delay where we went to LGW then to MAN by coach!!!! Which was suprisingly comfortable, more comfortable than the a/c that we were going to fly on. We arrived at MAN around 2am and we were up by 9am back on the coach to the airport where we arrived at AIH's check in were the luggage belt was broken and we had to cart our luggage to another belt where it was loaded onto the a/c then we were on our way and had another technical problem during flight and had to land at Gander for 4 hours then we were back on our way to SFB and we landed a Day and a half late.

          Then on our way home we were delayed fo 9 hours due to another engine failure with the AIH aircraft then crammed onto a crappy Skyservice Canada A330(The first in North America) where the A/C wasn't working and it was Dirty,Uncomfortable and had just come from spain and we landed in CWL a Day Late.

          Shame on you Airtours!


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            Re: The worst flight... or should I say worst flights?

            I flew on the worst flights in the winter of 2000, when one of the 27 ice-storms to hit Oklahoma that winter decided to screw up mine and my dad's travel plans. We were scheduled to fly out of Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City. However, the ice storm was already in full swing and we ended up spending 8 hrs on the phone trying to get re-booked. We eventually got re-booked for Friday of that week. But instead of the morning American F-100 departure, we got seats on an American Eagle ATR turboprop that they used to bring in to Will Rogers. Anyway, we went to the airport and guess what, ran into the first hurdle. The stupid lady at the American Airlines ticket counter in the lobby screwed up the process of checking my green card and if it wasn't for the intelligent man who came to our rescue, the trip would have ended right there! After that first heart attack, the second was waiting in line. We settled in the seating area at the gate and after waiting and hoping that everything would go smoothly from there on out (little did we know what was in store for us) the gate agent told everyone over the PA system that the flight coming from DFW had developed a mechanical problem. Here it was, a bright sunny day w/o any kind of bad weather (yes, it was cold, but sunny) and we had to have the plane that developed mechanical problems. First, they said it would be delayed by half-an-hour. Then they said an hour, b/c the equip. swap hadn't been carried out yet. Finally, almost 2 hours after the announcement was heard, the gate agent told us that the plane had just been pushed back from the gate and it would arrive at 1:50p.m. Our connecting flight to FRA (LH 439) was right on time for a departure at 4:00p.m!! It takes atleast 40 minutes from OKC to DFW. Anyway, we got lucky. We had a faster turboprop deployed for our flight. (The 500th ATR plane) We finally took off from OKC at 2:30p.m. We reached DFW at 3:00p.m. Yes, one hour before the pushback for our connecting flight woud be commenced. But as we would find out, things at DFW are done rather slowly. the trains are slow, the shuttle bus drivers are slow and the the baggage transferring system is even slower. After landing at DFW (as luck would have it, we landed on the west side of the airfield) we could see the LH 342. So close, and yet so far... Minutes were passing by fast. We had to hold short of 36R for 2 departing aircraft and the we taxied ever so slowly to Terminal A via the Yankee bridge. Then, we got off the plane and boarded the bus to take us to Terminal A. And we waited, and we waited. Finally, we got to terminal A, 20 minutes before our connecting flight would close. We raced down to the terminal train station and saw the terminal B train leaving just as we entered it. "Great', I thought. We took the next train. It was 3:57 p.m, just three minutes before pushback of LH 439 from the gate. As soon as the train reached terminal B, we hauled it to the departure level and slammed the tickets down on the gate agent's desk. She was abt to give the green for pulling the gate back! Anyway, we finally got on and heaved a sigh of relief. I didn't care abt anything now b/c I was really tired. Heck, I didn't even care that my dad and I were in the middle 2 seats. (Economy class) After we took off, the flight was smooth, until we hit turbulence over the Atlantic. the whole plane shook, up and down, left and right. good thing it was dark by now, b/c I'm sure some passengers would have pulled the window shades down upon seeing the wings flap! Anyway, when we landed at FRA, the visibilty was really bad. Thick fog blanketed the airport. However, it cleared on out later, thankfully. The only good thing abt this trip was I was at FRA on my birthday! Just can't get better! Anyway, we settled on the next flight to BOM (LH 757, a B742) at 11:30a.m. for a 12:00p.m. departure. We used almost all of RWY 18-36 during the takeoff roll, since the flight was packed to the max. The food on this flight sucked, but what would be even more annopying was an exteremely spoilt kid sitting just 3 rows in front of ours. He was bawling and yapping during the entire 8 hour flight! Now, i normally do not mind bawling kids, but this guy was just not ready to give up! It got to a point where i started getting a head ache, and I really wanted to go there and smack him one bigtime to shut him up!! Even my dad got upset, b/c he was trying to get some sleep! Anyway, we tried as best we could to keep cool and 'ignore' the creep. Finally, after 7 hrs and 20 minutes, we started our approach into the Mumbai airport area. "Thank God, the end of the journey is finally coming!", I thought. Well, yes it was, but nor before one last bit. The pilot cam on the PA system and told us that it would be a little bumpy on the approach into Mumbai. The weather was not as expected. A cyclone of the coast in the Arabian Sea had been dumping heavy rain on the city for the past several hours, and there was still some light rain falling. "Great, a packed heavy 74 and a super-soaked runway! Nice combination!" We started descending through the clouds, and soon, I could see parts of the city passing by. "He better not go for the grease job!", I thought. Thankfully, 2 loud thumps later, we were rolling down RWY 27. The pilot applied full reverse thrust, and ten seconds later, we were on our way to the gate. We got out of the plane, with the super-spoilt kid still screaming my ear-canals out and made our way to customs and immigration. That was over in a while, and then we went to the baggage claim to collect our bags. We waited... 10 minutes passed by, then 20... 30, 40... finally, after waiting for 45 minutes, we pretty much knew that our bags hadn't made it all the way. We found out at the lost baggage center that all four, yes, all 4 were still stuck at DFW. We got them the next day. So, there ends the story of the worst flights I have ever flown on so far.
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              Then on our way home we were delayed fo 9 hours then crammed onto a crappy Skyservice Canada A330(The first in North America) where the A/C wasn't working and it was Dirty and Uncomfortable and we landed in CWL a Day Late.

              I always thought the now defunct Canada 3000 was the first North American Airline to operate the A330. As for being crammed in, SkyService operates theirs in a 2-4-2 config, the same as any regular with a 32 inch pitch, which is what you get with the regs as well. Many charters, including TransAt operate Airbus widebodies in a 3-3-3 or 2-5-2 config. I can not comment on or excuse dirty aircraft, but from a seating perspective I doubt you would have done better elsewhere in Y. You did not say why the airline going home was different. Was this a last minute substitution by AIRTOURS, because of an aircraft unavailability with the original carrier? That would excuse the 9 nine hour delay from the Skyservices perspective, because you have provided little reason why the delay. Weather, traffic. Often once you lose your slot, there is even more of a dlay until the ATC system finds a new one to fit you in. You get what you pay for, and the situation you have described is one the reasons I would never fly charter airlines unless there was no alternative Skyservice does have a good name here, far better than TransAt.



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                The worst flight...
                I haven't had any bad flights yet as such but the worst one I had was on a Qantas 737 (Sydney - Cairns) Y class. As the 737s are so narrow my mum wanted to go to the toilet, but on this 737 were only situated at the front on the cabin...when she returned the cabin crew were serving dinner and would not edge out of her way to let my mum past. So my mum was stuck sitting at the front of the aircraft for 15 minutes for the stupid QF cabin crew to finish serving food only to return to some food that had gone cold. Approx 10 mins later the f/a came back with a bottle of the most expensive red wine and offered it to my mother, trying to look good...but then muttered "Bitch" under her breath when she walked away (why the f*** did she bother offering the wine then?)

                The descent into cairns was very quick...only lasted from cruise to landing of a maximum of ten minutes. Normally QF staff are very courteous except for this inexcuseable rudeness.
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                  I thought I'd replied to this but can't see it here..... sorry if this is duplicated.

                  My worst flight was one that didn't actually get airborne. As we accelerated down the runway at Amsterdam in a DC10 we had an uncontained failure of the no 1 fan disk in the no 2 (tail) engine. We were able to stop in time but the damage it'd caused was incredible, there was a ring of (big) holes round the cowlings, the exhaust shroud & one side of the reverser were no longer attached, there were holes through the stabiliser, the pylon was damaged & apparantly 40% of the fan disk was never found. The (expensive!) repairs took a couple of months & it was back in service for 6 weeks before being written off Pity as it was a very nice aeroplane...

                  We laughed it off at the time, even waving at the windows as the local TV helicopter did a circuit of us, incase it was on CNN that night and the first thing I thought at the time (having been on duty for 11 weeks) was 'oh, good, maybe I'll get some time off' (I didn't ) but looking back we were pretty lucky.

                  For a couple of reasons that I'm not gonna go into I'm convinced that if we'd got airborne we wouldn't have made it back down safely. I remember looking out the cockpit windows, down the runway & thinking 'i'm glad it didn't happen a mile that way'.

                  The only way to open a door on the '10 without power is to blow it, as we were surrounded by fire engines and the fire in no 2 hadn't taken hold there was no reason to do that so we were still on-board an hour or so later when we finally got towed back to a stand. Just after we stopped a tug turned up towing 3 baggage trollies heaped with bits of cowling etc. Someone pointed & said 'is that off us?' & everyone said 'nah, can't be' ... then we looked properly & it was

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                    I know Skyservice has a good name but i would have gone with Air Transat because the a/c we flew on was a heap of junk, the film was around 20 years old and the seating was 2-4-2 and a 28" seat pitch as it was a CHARTER aircraft and was in a CHARTER config. as for the unconfortableens the seating was uncomfortable and as i am a tall fella and had requested a Exit Seat and because of the delay i had a Normal seat and the a/c wasn't working Thats why i found it uncomforable as it was Boiling! AIH had subsituted our 767 for Skyservice due to technical Failures with the aircraft again

                    Delay Time outbound :- 27 hours
                    Delay Time Inbound :- 11 Hours


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                      TransAt's are a lot worse, your seating would have been 3-3-3 and if on a ancient Tri Star 3-4-3. I would never fly TransAt anywhere unless there was no other option at all. TransAt would squeeze 7 across on their 757s if there was a way to do it.


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                        I was six years old when I was on my first and worst flight...bear with me...I don't remember many details...

                        We were at Beijing airport (before the new terminal was built). The airport was complete an old factory. Our A340 (can't even remember the airline) was 6 hours late. All the rest I can't remember well, except for the fact that we ended up connecting in 5 different middle eastern airports. One plane (a Tu-?) we boarded actually broke down after the safety procedures were explained and we had to disembark. We finally arrive in Amsterdam where we miss our LH737 to Frankfurt so we end up staying overnight in Amsterdam. I think we were 2 or 3 days late arriving in Frankfurt!
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                          NORTHWORST AIRLINES!!

                          Hong kong - Tokyo - Los Angeles - San Diego
                          San Francisco - Tokyo - Hong Kong

                          Just bad, 4 x 742 and 1 x A320


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                            My worst flight was last summer on AC from LGA-YOW. Thankfully, it was lasted less than an hour, but it was one of the longest 50 minutes of my life.

                            For one thing, I was seated next to this obese man whose girth extend beyond his seat and into mine. It didnít help that the area around my seat had a strong urine odor. To top it all off, the flight crew was uncouth and just plain inattentive.

                            I would hate to imagine how bad it would be if my flight lasted a longer duration!


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                              Air Canada sux! so does NWA!
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                                I had two bad flights actually.

                                1) I was on an Alaska Airline MD-83, LAS-YVR last Oct. It was a very turbulent ride (even the pilot warned us before departure) for the whole flight. I remember once the plane was tossed to bank to the left at 30 degrees. Not to mention the constant tossing and the sudden disapperance of the force of gravity. Having known what this type of aircraft did off the CA coast of course didn't help either.

                                2) Also last November I was flying back to YVR from HKG, and it was a CX A340. I trust CX's safety record and the plane, but I wonder why they want to fly into the tailwind that exceeded 300km/hr for almost the whole flight? I remember looking at the screen in front of me and it showed that the ground speed was over 1200km/hr for a few hours. Yes, it arrived a whole hour early (no doubt it would), but for the whole flight I couldn't sleep.