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    My worst flight was last year flying from the Dominican Republic back to Amsterdam.
    We flew with DutchBird B757(PH-DBA) and because DB hasn't got ETOPS and the 757 can't make it in one leg back to SPL we had to refuel at Halifax(CAN).

    We departed from Puerto Plata and made a short hop to Punta Cana to get some more pax. After depature from Punta Cana, wich was very bumpy, we flew on to Halifax. First we came across some very large thunder storms so it was very turbulent. And then the valve for the pressure cabin began to led it's own life. At intervals we had pain in your ears because off the high press, and also sometimes you became very light in your head because there was underpressure.

    So that was 7 hours very awake to Halifax.

    Finally we landed at Halifax and there the aircraft was repaired after......5 hours!!! And we must stay in our plane, I sat next to the engine wich was opened and closed time after time ...

    After all that trouble we departed to SPL and that also took us 6,5 hours....

    So man, I was glad to be home after 18,5 hours in a cramped 757!

    Never again so far away with such an aircraft an airline.....


    Hope that my english was good enough.
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      My worst flight would have to be on a Beech Bonanza A36 from Wichita to Ponca City, very strong gusts of wind and turbulence and halfway though the flight, we had to turn around because the engine was having problems and it was surging, not a very comforting thing with all the strong winds and turbulence throwing the plane around. Trip ended with a rough landing in ICT.

      Worst airline experience would be ATL-TUL on the way back from RSW last Spring Break. Following a long delay in MCO with us stuck on the taxiway for about an hour and a half, we arrived in ATL with what should've been barely enough time to make our connection to ICT. Turns out the plane left 10 minutes early so we stand in line for what seems to be an eternity at ASA Customer Service which was a joke...they didn't have an idea what to do it seemed and they sent us to mainline customer service in Concourse B where at least we got some help...we tried our luck on a standby flight to Tulsa which was successful...the 737-800 was cramped and we were welcomed home with our luggage sent to ICT so we had to get it the next day and a four hour drive through the middle of nowhere in a rental car we had to pay for despite the customer service staff saying it would be on them which they refused to reimburse us for.


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        Without a doubt mine was on June 12 1983. I was flying Pan Am from JFK-FCO. Freakishly strong Tstorms and a mechanical delayed our departure for 5 hrs. Most of that time was spent taxiing from one end of the airport to the other finally waiting by the PA hangars to fix a problem with one engine. That alone took 1.5 hrs. After departure to the north we turned right by a Tstorm cell and got a great display of cloud to cloud lightning.


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          They made you sit in the plane while they fixed it near the hangar?
          Try to catch me flyin dirty...


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            Yep, saw the repair work going on below us from the cabin.


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              Thats horrible.
              Try to catch me flyin dirty...


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                Surely many passengers won't appreciate that!
                Check out my photos at!


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                  I've had one recent flight from hell before - it was back in October, 1999 on the Friday before Thanksgiving (remember we Canucks have Thanksgiving a month earlier).

                  I had to connect through Calgary (YYC), as there weren't any seats left on the YEG-YVR run - even with WestJet and Air Canada. I had to make a really mad dash at YYC because the Dash 8 flight from YEG was 40 minutes late, with no reason given. Then I tried to use my complimentary upgrade coupon, only to be told that the J class was full. I had to sit in the Y class of a Fokker F28 - the jet a/c that I loathe most of all. For starters, the seats in Y class were small and the seat pitch was extremely bad. My knees were pressing against the seat in front of me! I am 5'7", BTW.

                  The F28 was also LOUD. It had that weird banshee screeching to it, and the noise level sounded just as loud inside as outside. There was no way I could carry on a conversation with the girl next to me! I can do that in a 737-200, or even a DC-9, but NOT in a Fokker F28.

                  And to top it all off, the flight was incredibly rough. The turbulence over the Canadian Rockies was so bad that the FAs couldn't serve any food or drinks! Even to this day, I'm amazed that nobody got sick enough to have to use the barf bags. This was the second roughest flight I've been on - only a Time Air Shorts 330 (the flying boxcar!) out of Edmonton I was on back in the very early 80s was worse, where a lady's drink literally hit the ceiling and a couple of pax did get sick.

                  The F28 landed on time in YVR. I had to take another F28 on the return flight to Calgary a few days later. Yeesh. But fortunately, I managed to put my upgrade coupons to use on that flight. That meant the flight home wasn't as uncomfortable. After all that, I vowed to NEVER fly on an F28 ever again. In fact, if I was given the choice between going on a Dash 8 and an F28, I would've chosen the turboprop.


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                    My one trip in a F-28 was with Canadian Regional after they downgraded the YOW-YYZ shuttle from 737-200s as a cost saving measure. What a miserable little fokker, noisy as you mentioned, seedy inside with 1970s seats and colours and not particularily comfortable; the 737-200 was a Cadillac in comparison. Not sure how the F100s compared but the older f-28s were/are not pleasant aircraft to fly any distance in!
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                      Originally posted by kaddyuk
                      I flew Britannia B767-200 G-BRIF Manchester to Sanford, Try 9 1/2 hours in 26" seat pitch, with a busted IFE.

                      Impossible to sleep because of turbulance and their 767s are noisy as hell.

                      Worst Flight Ever
                      Is this the bunch that uses 2-4-2 seating in their 767s??


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                        Mine was similar to Mikecweb's CRJ flight, only it was on a 757 ATL-CMH, coming home from GPT in 1998.

                        In Atlanta we were delayed because of "rain". We finally pushed back, and they shut off the lights & power while taxiing for no reason I could see. We then made a 767-like climb after takeoff & as soon as were at cruising altitude, I could see lightning in the distance. We then were told to strap in & the "fun" began. The "rain" became a full-fledged thunderstorm, and it must have been a line extending all the way South.

                        For most of the flight, we were being bounced around like a basketball. The crew was told to stay seated, and the IFE video kept playing. While I didn't get sick, the IFE's cooking segment was the last thing I wanted to see in the middle of this. What made it worse, was that 3 kids in front of me were getting sick, and their mom, along with my mom, were in a desperate search for airsick bags. People were literally passing them to us. When we got closer in, we basically nose-dived through the storms, and finally popped out of them around 5 miles from 28L in CMH.

                        That's the worst one for me!



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                          Originally posted by LH 340-600
                          I want to tell you about another bad trip I had. It wasn't my worst, but it was also a relly bad flight. This time it wasn't about the plane. On my flight from Santiago de Chile to Madrid (about 13 h) there was a crying baby on board. It was horrible. The baby was crying all nearly all the time.
                          Andy, were you never a baby once?

                          Are you suggesting that families should be barred from flying because you find kids irritating?

                          You know I get really fed up with this arrogant attitude, some people seem to forget they were kids once.
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                            You know there were 3 babies on my AF flight from Manchester back to Paris on the 29th, and I didnt mind them one bit!! They were alot better behaved thaen the load of Juventus fans we had onboard connecting to Milan!!! They brought the bloody flag on board, and were shouting and yelling the whole flight!



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                              I have never really had a bad flight, I like things like turbulence, diversions and that kind of stuff. Although, on a flight on Continental, CLE-DCA, B737-300, we had a pretty rough ride, I noticed everyone else was scared to death, I was enjoying it. It was so bad though that our first landing attempt was aborted after trying to land and only about a quarter of the runway left. After deplaning was when it all caught up with me, I haven't ever felt so sick from flying before. I still enjoyed it. Another flight from COS-SLC on Delta kinda annoyed me when the flight before us had been late. I missed my connecting flight that was on the newest 767400 to PDX, instead, I stayed the night in the Peery Hotel In downtown Salt Lake. Ughh. The upside to this is I got to ride in a Delta 727 one last time before its retirement. Other than that, I have enjoyed every flight I have taken.


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                                i really havent had a horrible flight really just cause i enjoy it so much. The red eyes suck but i still enjoy it. One experience that bugged me is when i was flying Air Transat L1011 from POP-YYC i got the worst seat in the middle of the 4 and the lady beside me wouldnt stop staring at me and when i would look over she would close her eyes quickly.(like i didnt see) THen when i went to the lav she stole my damn pillow so my buddy told me and she wasnt going to give it back so when she feel asleep i just went and ripped the pillow out from under her What a creepy women