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    Even if it wasn't bad because of the weather, RG flights I took last summer (Southern Hemisphere, EZE-GIG-JFK-GRU-EZE) were a disaster. Old planes (737 and MD-11), not-carying-on-passenger F/As, etc. The only good thing was that I flew GRU-EZE on 'Ruben Berta' - Varig's 777.
    Aerolíneas Argentinas, como tiene que ser.


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      My worst flight was when I was a little boy, but I remember like it was yesterday.

      I flew from Cali (Colombia) and Tulcán (Ecuador).
      Tulcán it s the frontier between Ecuador and Colombia, so it s a zone with extreme winds and storms. That day we were in one of this weather damages and suddenly the Fokker F28 started jump as a rollercoaster and the drins jumped in the food car, I was so nervous, I felt the emptiness in my stomach. All the little kids were crying and screamming, the captain spoke to calm down everybody and the main floor full of food and drinks, definetly discusting. After three minutes of shaking we finally arrive to the damn airport wich it s very small and ugly.

      After an hour we continue the trip to Quito, this one was a calmed flight.
      By the way I was flying in TAME (Military Ecuadorian Transports )

      Well, bye to everybody.

      I wish youm nice flights.
      ACES. Por el Respeto.