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    For the benefit of those who do not go to or can't reply etc etc, I have decided to post my trip report here as well.

    So I haven't been to florida in almost 3 years, last time was a day-trip. This time, much longer then a day trip.

    This trip takes me for my first time on Delta, and my first wide-body trip.

    GOING THERE: (This will be long)

    June 11, 2004

    Delta Connection (Comair)
    Flight # 5165
    CRJ-40/50, Seat 3D
    Scheduled departure: 0630
    Pushback/Takeoff: 0626/0634
    Scheduled arrival: 0835
    Touchdown time: 0808
    Time at Gate: 0815
    Departure Gate: 6
    Arrival Gate: C26
    Departure rwy: 9
    Arrival rwy: 26R

    I got up early to get ready for my flight, checked in online, and made sure I had everything I was going to need for my trip. Once I was satisfied I was ready, my dad took me to the airport. I arrived at about 0530, and proceeded to the counter to check 2 bags.

    Once my bags were checked, I headed to security, and although I was not selected as a random screen whatever, one of my carry-ons got the go-thru as the TSA people were unsure of what something might me. Some old bat standing at the x-ray thing just exclaimed "What is THAT thing!!!!". It was my webcam. Whatever. After security I headed to my gate, gate 6, and sat to wait for my flight.

    (Here's where the "fun" begins")
    At gate 6, there are 2 flights preparing for departure. One is mine, the other is another Delta Connection flight to CVG. The CVG flight was to leave first, so they all boarded and were off. Afterwards, 2 young girls, no older then 10 years old, saw the plane we were going to be on, and they started asking all sorts of questions about it. Their mother didn't know what to say, and no one else seemed to either, so I answered what I could. Typica kid questions, like What kind of plane, how fast does it go, etc etc.. Their mom and I started talking, and I mentioned that I used to be a flight attendant, and am also an aviation hobbyist. She told me the girls were flying as UM's to Kansas City (Also connecting thru ATL) and that they've never flown before. They also happened to be sitting in the seats behind me.

    Well, the 2 girls got pre-boarded, as is standard with UM's. That was the last "standard" thing about this flight.

    Once general boarding began, I boarded the plane, and the F/A at the plane was "welcoming" ppl on board (welcoming meaning standing there and not doing anything). I figured ok, she's having a bad day. It happens. I take my seat, and wait for us to get on our way. Once all are on board, the F/A does her head count, and makes sure everyone is buckled up. She throws the 2 girls a quick "Take those things off" referring to their cd players.

    She reads her safety announcements, then takes her seat. We taxi, then take
    off, and start our climb. At about 10k feet, the girls ask me when it will be ok to use the CD players. I told them that the F/A will make an ok announcement, then they can. Well, she made it, they turned them on, and I figured all was well now. WRONG. The F/A started her drink and snack service in the rear of the a/c, then stopped at the girl's seats, and skipped them. she then took the cart to the front, and did the rest from the front-to-back. She served the girls last. She kept telling them "You can't have pop. You HAVE to have either OJ or MILK." I can't believe the crap that is spewing from this lady, she is supposed to take CARE of the kids, not treat them like total idiots.

    She finishes service, and goes to the front. She sits in her seat, reads a magazine. The girls behind me ask if they can go to the bathroom (At this point, I don't want to say or do anything that the F/A could compain at em about, I.E deal with the girls). I told them to ring their call button and ask the F/A about it. So they do. She comes back. They ask, and she said "Air you sure you have to? Are you sure? You can't wait?" then finally lets them go.

    After that, the F/A starts her garbage pickup, and when she gets to my seat, I ask her if she can ask the pilots if after we are at the gate if it is ok that I take a pic of the flight deck, and she looks at me, says "I don't think they'll let you". But, she goes, uses the interphone, then comes back to me and say something I could not her. I politely say "excuse me?" and she whips around, her hair flying back into her face, points at me and shouts "It's becuase of people like YOU that we have to deal with all the extra security!!!".

    At that, I had no idea what to say, so I didn't say another thing to her for the rest of the flight. (it gets much better).

    Still, after this, the 2 girls keep asking me questions, and I decide to answer what I can, as the F/A was not checking on anyone, she decided to sit in her seat and do her nails (no joke). Well, once we finally land at ATL, the girls ask the F/A what will happen, who will get them to their connection, etc etc. The F/A responds, saying "Just stay there. I'll figure it out when I have the time". The girls didn't hear it, but I did. I stayed quiet, and they said they couldn't hear what she said. The F/A THEN said "I can barely hear you, ask me in a minute or 2 when we are at the gate".

    I had enough at this point, I turned to them, adn explaine what usually happens, that either the F/A will escort them to an agent in the terminal, or one will come down from the terminal, and they will be escorted to their next flight.

    At the gate, I got off, and started wandering, going to my next flight, debating if I should speak to someone there about the F/A or not. I didn't, but wrote an email later. I have never been so embarassed, humiliated, insulted, or anything like that before by anyone, anywhere. The lack of service, or even half-way decent treatment by this F/A was horrid. I felt really bad for those 2 girls as well, as they should not have to deal with the kind of crap. I was a flight attendant again, but without actually being one.

    I'll go into that later..

    Delta Air Lines
    Flight # 1093
    767-300, Seat 25G
    Scheduled departure: 1015
    Pushback/Takeoff: 1018/1043
    Scheduled arrival: 1147
    Touchdown Time: 1145
    Time at Gate: 1150
    Departure Gate: E62
    Arrival Gate: (unknown)
    Departure rwy: 27R
    Arrival rwy: 18R

    After the last flight, I as beginning to wonder if Delta was really worth flying. The difference between the Comair and the Mainline flights were like night and day.

    Boarding went smoothly, I got an Exit row Bulkhead seat, near the mid galley. When I first walked on the plane, the captain was there, with a big smile, and was welcoming everyone on board (meaning actualy welcoming). I walked up to him and asked if I could get a pic or 2 of the flight deck after the flight, and he smiled and said "Of course you can! Just come on up before you get off!".

    I took my seat, and familiarized myself with the aircraft, as I had never been on a 767 (Or any other widebody) before. The seat was comfortable, the Flight Attendants were wonderful, it was a great flight. The crew did their safety announcements, and before I knew it we were at the runway, starting our take-off roll. Man. What power in those engines.Once airborne, the flight was one of the smoothest I've ever been on. Ther was a "limited" service, with pretzels, and some pop. That was fine, I was meeting ppl for food after the flight. I ended up talking to one of their f/a's for a while, and she was delightful to talk to.

    After the flight, I was one of the last ones off, and I went up to the flight deck and the captain was just getting of fhis cell phone, and invited me in. He took some pics of me in his seat, and we ended up just sitting there talking for a good 10-15 minutes before we walked off the plane. We were the last two people on it.

    The difference in service was astounding.
    That night.........

    That night, at my uncles house, I ended up writing an email to Delta about the FNT-ATL leg of my flight. I recieved a response, two days later, from someone at DL, that they were passing it to their "wholly owned subsidiary that operates as a seperate company", Comair.. I flew home on June 16, and ahd not recieved a response as yet, so I shot off another email to DL AND comair, and got a response back that ComAir is working on resolving everything within 25 days.. God.. What a crock of crap... But whatever, I'll wait if I have to..


    This thread deals with my saturday activities..

    Alsom on Tuesday, I was at TPA for the arrival of FL's new 737 on proving runs.. All my pics are in the shop now..



    June 16, 2004

    Delta Air Lines
    Flight # 1253
    Scheduled Aircraft: 737-200
    Equipment Change 1: MD-90
    Equipment Change 2: SONG 757-200, Seat 10A
    Scheduled departure: 1600
    Pushback/Takeoff: 1600/1608
    Scheduled arrival: 1819
    Touchdown Time: 1759
    Time at Gate: 1803
    Departure Gate: E67
    Arrival Gate: B25
    Departure rwy: 36L
    Arrival rwy: 18L

    Well, I had checked in online, and arrived at the airport with time to spare. I get to the gate, am sitting around waiting, when just over an hour before departure, a Song 757 pulls into our gate. I'm thinking it's gonna unload here then move, but after everyone is off, the pilots and f/a's get off, I go up to the counter and as if there was an equipment change. The guy at the counter told me there were TWO changes, first from a 732 to an MD-90, then to this Song 757!!

    Well, the flight was only about half full, and I ended up in an exit row right behind the pilot and co-pilot that were supposed to fly the 732 to CVG for us. We talked a while, and he got the OK for me to go get some pics after the flight, but after a bit I got to playing with the PTV. Wow. I never dealt with stuff like that, it was awesome

    Anyway, the Song flight was more comfortable then the 763, but hey. It was a blast. Took some pics out the window of the engine, and the hull's reflection off said engine.

    Got the usual snack/drink service, and all was well. We flew thru some storms just outside of CVG, but it wasn't too bad.

    Arrival in CVG was uneventful, and I got some flight deck pics before de-boarding.

    Delta Connection (Comair)
    Flight # 5452
    CRJ-40/50, Seat 13A
    Scheduled departure: 1950
    Pushback/Takeoff: 2011/2018
    Scheduled arrival: 2100
    Touchdown Time: 2102
    Time at Gate: 2105
    Departure Gate: C30
    Arrival Gate: 6
    Departure rwy: 27
    Arrival rwy: 9

    Goodie, I find myself thinking. Another Comair flight.. After the last one, can it get worse???????????? Well, it wasn't that bad..

    There were numerous delaya in and out of CVG due to weather, so there were some not happy people. Once I got to my gate, I sat and waited for my flight. Someone walked up to go to his Chicago flight, found out he missed it, and threw his roll-a-board and magazines around. He then ran up and started saying F*** a few times and kicked his carry-on. There were a few of us really watching this guy, we were hoping to hell he wouldn't turn violent. He didn't, and he ended up catching a mainline flight to Chicago.

    Well, our boarding was nearing, and an agent came on and said that maintenance was on the a/c, but we shouldn't be delayed much, if at all. Not 3 minutes after, we began boarding.

    The F/A was a different one (thank god) and once on board, I took my seat. The flight was not full, so some ppl moved around.. Flight was short, and we got to the gate a whopping 5 min late .. Usual drink/snacks, and they let me -look- at the flight deck and the captain said "If I was to see a pic of it I can go to".. .wow.. imagine taht.. That F/A on this flight was a lot nicer, and really good at her job.


    Overall- I'd give the trip a 6.5/10. The way down was prett bad, but the 767 was cool. the way back was good tho..


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    Interesting read. Sorry to hear how bad the f/a on the FNT-ATL flight treated you and the girls. Nevertheless, I hope you still enjoyed most of the flights and especially the chance to get to fly Song .



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      Good report! Sorry to hear about the Comair flight attendant!

      Next Flights:

      October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
      October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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        Good report! I guess having to fly as an attendant on those regional jets day in and day out get to you.
        "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

        -Leonardo da Vinci

        My first taste: SFO-SNA, United 757-200 May 10, 1993


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          No offense but why are you responding to such old trip reports.
          - The baby will be back -


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            Because I have been searching through the archives for past reports I haven't read before and I would like to complement the writer regardless of the fact that they are old or not!
            "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

            -Leonardo da Vinci

            My first taste: SFO-SNA, United 757-200 May 10, 1993