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LUFTHANSA LHR - MUC - NRT (with Photos!!) - not 56k friendly

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  • LUFTHANSA LHR - MUC - NRT (with Photos!!) - not 56k friendly


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    Great review!!! Just loved those pics!!


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      As I just got off from two Lufthansa planes (I arrived yesterday to Amsterdam via FRA), I felt quite identified with your trip report.

      I had the same crappy sandwich on the FRA-AMS leg. I thought about throwing it to the FA's face, but then I said it wasn't her fault. And the IFE needs to be improved. But hey, you get for what you pay. And, at least from South America to Europe, LH is by far the best option price-talking.

      Re the trip report: it was great and I really enjoyed my reading. And the pics are also very good.



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        Congrats for this entertaining and nicely illustrated report. I am waiting for the return sectors with interest.
        Thanks for visiting
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          thanks guys for the nice comments, i'll do the same with pics for my return journey next month. as for now, im enjoying a strong sun reaching 35C to 38C which i dont get in the UK


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            . Amazing report man. Hope you have a good trip in Japan.

            By the way, hope you will take more cabin shots next time.
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              GREAT flight r definitely! Sounds like LH was a smooth ride- might as well go LH when I go to Japan in a year or two
              And LOVELY shots for sure! And yes, eddie , to cabin shots
              Well done!


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                Thanks guys, yeah i'll try for more Cabin shots next time. LH to Japan is worth a try at least, I am looking forward to my flight back in just over a week's time. I do tend to try out different airline where possible to japan each time though.


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                  good review and nice pics
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