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Bos-Stl on TWA in 1995

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  • Bos-Stl on TWA in 1995

    June 1995
    TWA Flight ?
    Leave Boston 1:00
    Arrive St. Louis 3:00pm
    Aircraft: MD-83

    My now late father and I got to Logan's Terminal C at about 30mins before the flight left. We got there so late beacuse we got lost in Boston. There was a huge line at the Twa check-in desk so we ran to the gate and we just made our flight. The flight was pretty full and as soon as we took our seats we were pushing back. i rember the plane had the old gray, blue, and red seat covers. As we taxied we could see sailboats in the harbor and we got our last view of Boston for a while. About forty minutes into the flight we were severed drinks. With the drinks they gave us a tiny packet of frito's. The flight was pretty smooth and as we got futher west clouds started forming. The flight land smoothly and on time at Lambert. The crew said the local time was 3:00pm and it was 90 outside. As were we taixing to the gate I saw two TWA 747s at the international area. We deplaned at the C concourse and went to catch the airport parking bus to begin our two hour drive Jefferson City, Mo.

    Has anyone here ever flown TWA?
    Meridian 777

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    Interesting report, thank you. I have never flown on TWA. They had a very bad name across the pond at their time. Given that you had a three hour flight, I wonder that there was not a proper meal served.



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      I have flown TWA several times. They were a good airline, but to me nothing spectacular. I would take them back over american any day though. Most memorable experience: My family and I were upgraded (all 5 of us) from MCI-STL-FLL. Seats were pretty comfortable, service was average, and we were served A salmon caesar salad on original TWA china!!! Plus it was on a 727 painted in the new colors, so that made everything even cooler.
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        I flew TWA through STL on DC-9's to Milwaukee in 1997. it was great and the layover in STL was cool because everywhere you looked there were TWA planes. It is quite a shame they had to be bought out.