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The Spirit Of The West- MDW-DEN-LAX-DEN-MDW pics

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  • The Spirit Of The West- MDW-DEN-LAX-DEN-MDW pics

    My Dad and I took a quick trip to Southern California to attend the Airline Collectible Expo, a three-day long show in Los Angeles, California. Frontier Airlines provided the best fare, connecting through Denver, and they have DirecTV. The choice was simple. New airline and new airports.

    Getting to Southern California

    We left our house in the Chicagoland Suburbs at about 4:00am, and we at the Red Lot economy parking at Chicago's Midway Airport at about 4:55am. We took a free shuttle to the terminal buliding, and there was no line at all for Frontier. We just walked up and the great friendly agent gave us our boarding passes for every leg and the baggage was tagged to LAX.

    We explored MDW for a while, but then we went back to our departure gate, Gate A2 before we boarded in about 10 minutes.

    Frontier Airlines flight 567
    Chicago Midway to Denver Intl.
    STD: 6:30am
    ATD: 6:55am
    STA: 7:55am
    ATA: 7:42am

    Boeing 737-300, N311FL

    We boarded a half-full plane and within 5 minutes of boarding every one was seated and everything was stowed. The three flight attendants each had on a different uniform. One was exactly like the pilot uniform, which confused me later, another was all black, and she also had a whistle. Anyone know why? And the newer uniform had black pants with a purple shirt and black vest. They also had black aprons with their names stiched in. They were very friendly and fun. We took off about 20 minutes late, but it was OK. We were still going to be early. Flight time was announced as 2 hours 20 minutes. There are celing mounted TV, as seen here but they were not used at all. Basically like a Southwest flight. No probelm. I read their magazine, called W!ild Blue Yonder. They also had a scorecard magazine all about the Colorado Rockies. We touched down and taxied to the gate, where we deplaned and headed into a very nice airport. We walked to Gate A36 where the flight to Los Angeles was leaving from. Seeing that we had time, we walked to the terminal bridge, where the planes taxi under you. It's a Frontier wonderland. You can see our aircraft at A36. We walked back to A36 and boarded with the back, as we were in Row 21.

    Frontier Airlines flight 403
    Denver Intl. to Los Angeles Intl.
    STD: 8:45am
    ATD: 8:52am, Gate A36
    STA: 10:10am
    ATA: 10:00am, Gate 35 (Terminal Three)

    Airbus A319, N905FL
    Seat 21A.

    We boarded early. The seats were green and really comfortable with the adjustable headrests. The seat back TV with LiveTV service was great. They gave everyone a free preview of it before we got to crusing altitude, then it was $5.00 for it. Worth every penny. You can use your credit card, or give the flight attendant $5.00 and they activate it for you. If you do not purchase it, it stays on the LiveMap the entire flight. Nice. We were served a Warmed Bagel (Plain or Cinnamon Rasin) with Cream Cheese and Full Can Drink and it was pretty good. The DirecTV just makes time fly by. Heh heh heh. That was a pun . We landed early and went to Gate 35 in T3. We claimed our baggage instantly and we met my aunt and we drove to Manhattan Beach.

    Stop One: Manhattan Beach Area

    We stopped in Manhattan Beach first. We walked down to the Pacific Ocean and watched the clear blue water crash up against the waves. We walked down the coast of the beach for about a mile before turning around. Everyone was getting hungry. My aunt knew of a good restaurant in

    Stop Two: Hermosa Beach Area

    We stopped in Hermosa Beach and ate lunch at a really good outdoor Cafe called Martha's Cafe. They have really good food there. We walked and saw the 90210 house. That was pretty cool.

    Stop Three: Redondo Beach Area

    We were staying with my Aunt and Uncle who live in a condo in Redondo Beach. We were going to relax for a little so we drove there and dropped our stuff off. My Dad and I walked down about six blocks to the Redondo Beach peir and went swimming in the ocean before exploring the pier area. It was very nice looking. We walked back and watched a little TV and then my Uncle got home and it was time for more sightseeing!

    Stop Four: Palos Verdes Area

    We were driving up to "The Cliffs" and we were driving up with the top down in his Sebring. It was nice. The air smelled good. At the top of the cliffs, we were looking down on the mighty Pacific Ocean, and watched the stunning panoramic view of waves crashing into rocks. It was wonderful. I was so mad that I did not have my camera! Sorry! We walked down, and my Uncle would throw a ball up the cliffs, and their dog would run up the cliffside and get it! Awesome. We drove back to Redondo Beach before going to a great dinner at an awesome restaurant.

    Rajun Cajun Cafe - Hermosa Beach, California

    This place was awesome. It had a really fun atmosphere inside and each table had 3 kinds of Tabasco Sauce, and like 15 other sauces! It was great. The food is really spicy and you sure get a good portion of it! I ordered this great Blackened Chicken, came with baked beans, bread, and grilled vegetables. I drounded the chicken in this great Garlic Sauce. We then headed back to their condo in Redondo Beach and watched TV and then my Dad went to bed downstairs and my Aunt and I set up a Queen-Size AeroBed in the living room, where I slept. Great.


    We woke up and showered and got dressed. My aunt made us these really good Crepes and then drove us to the Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX. We spent about three hours here. I bought some old cards, 7 new safety cards, a AI2004 shirt, and NORTHWEST ORIENT silverware. Very cool. There was a Southwest display, with two flight attendants there. They had free think baggage tags, free pens and buttons, and of course, plenty of peanuts and pretzels. They also had these cool paper binoculars. We entered a free ticket raffle and got a big inflatable 737. Be fun next week at the Lake in Michigan. Do some "water landings"

    We got on the shuttle bus with a lot of UA, WN, and YX crew. We were at the empty Frontier counters and as I was checking in, the agent noticed my FlyerTalk baggage tag, and asked me if I was on Flyertalk. Pretty cool. We went up to Starbucks and got sandwiches before getting on our Deleyed flight at gate 37A. This flight was deleyed and we were afraid we would not make our connection.

    Frontier Airlines flight 623
    Los Angeles Intl. to Denver Intl.
    STD: 2:45pm
    ATD: 3:5pm, Gate 37A
    STA: 5:55pm
    ATA: 6:20pm, Gate A24

    Airbus A319, No Reg. Sorry We were boarding, and I thought there was a pilot at Row 13. No, just a male f/a. Him and another older f/a were kinda yelling during boarding "THERE IS NO ROOM BACK HERE. FIND ANOTHER BIN. YOU WILL NEED TO CHECK IT." etc. We finally did take-off and they turned out to be fun and nice people. I had a full can of Pepsi and a sun-Chips. We landed at A24 and we ran to gate A38. It was also deleyed because of a broken armrest. Ok. We walked to the Airport McDonalds and got 2 hamburgers. We boarded and took our seats in 13D an 13F.

    Frontier Airlines flight 546
    Denver Intl. to Chicago Midway
    STD: 6:55pm
    ATD: 7:59pm, Gate A28
    STA: 10:10pm
    ATA: 10:45pm, Gate A2

    Boeing 737-300, N304FL (i Think)

    We had a funny crew during the safety. The overwing would roll her eyes and stuff and yelled out "I'm behind" and when she put the oxygen mask on she goes...ewww that smells inside. We took off about one hour late, with a flight time of a little less than two hours. This flight was almost full. I caught a nice picture of the sun setting over the Midwest We were once again served a full can and sunchips, as seen here (the gum is mine) We landed late and deplaned at A2. We were the fourth bag out at ]Claim 6

    Thats the end. I hope you enjoyed it. Comments and Questions are welcome

    Next Flights:

    October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
    October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW

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    Good report. Id love to try an airbus sometimes.....Next time I fly to the west ill check Frontier out if they ever have a good price out of STL.

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      Great Report,
      Glad you had a good time, and a nice flight on Frontier!
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      Nice report. Glad you had a good time. It would be nice to get on Frontier sometime and visit DEN
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        Thanks for this informative report on Frontier, an airline rarely featured in our forum. Good to read.
        Thanks for visiting
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          Very Nice report and pics of frontier. Glad u enjoyed the flight. Hey, its my 150th post, lol

          How does an airline thats going bankrupt sign new regional carriers, launch a discount airline, purchase new planes, AND repaint their fleet? I dunno, ask United.

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            Thanks for the comments all!


            Next Flights:

            October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
            October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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