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Flight on A340-500

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  • Flight on A340-500

    I recently went on a flight to HNL. On that trip I had the opportunity to take a Airbus A340-500 from Air Canada. The flight was from YYZ to YVR. The plane was ammazing! Its AC's only plane with IFEN in the seats! It has a selection of 10 movies, 12 shows including major series, flight tracker, interactive flight map and 8 games.

    When we got to the runway, and got clearence for take off, as soon as the captain put it to full throttle I was litterally GLUED to my seat!

    Although the toilets are over powerd, but they have to break in a but It was the smoothest landing I have EVER had.

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    Emirates has 500 channels on ICE. I have the book, if you want to know more about what was on.

    On another note, A345 is a marvellous aircraft to fly in. I give my highest recommendation.


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      I do concur about it being one of the best around! Maby this is a kickstart for AC and IFEN in the backs of the seats. Most airlines today have it, West Jet, United, Singapore.... ect...


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        Along with LegendAirlines, you are now two of you who have flown the 345. The more time elapses, the more I am eager to sample this one.
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          Im gona be flying the AC 345 in October on the YYZ-HKG flight. Gonna be a little bit long i think. Should i plan to bring alot of things to do or will the IFE keep me busy for most of the time?

          Cant wait for that trip!!!


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            IFE will keep you busy, lots of movies and games.