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    Originally posted by ATLcenter
    Eddie, actually, I had other plans for my next two india trips in 2005 an 2006:

    Summer 2005: ATL-EWR(any airline), EWR-SIN nonstop, and then to BLR
    Summer 2006: ATL-JFK(any airlines) JFK-FRA?-SIN on the A380 if it is ready. If not, then I guess i'm going Malaysian!

    [edit]-wrote JFK-SIN on accident, should be EWR!
    Great. But i don't think SQ will uses their A380 to FRA in 2006. But it's confirmed that the first long-haul route to get it is LHR.
    Remember to post your trip report here & take more cabin pictures after you have completed your first ever flight on SQ 345 .
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