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DEN-LAS and back on TED

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  • DEN-LAS and back on TED

    At the airport and boarding
    When we got to the airport, Check in was fast with United and Ted's Easy Check in. I was in the row 1! but i had an aisle seat We walked to gate A40. The plane arrived (Airbus A-320 flt. 1405 July 21st) and we boarded soon after. Ted has quick turnarounds! Ted boards in sections 1-4. 1 is for the Premier passengers and 2-4 was for everyone else.

    The Flight
    I took my seat at 1D. I was travelling to my brothers "Big Time" Basketball tournament and I sitting next to some of his team members, I know them well but they still wouldnt give me their seat Oh well the Safety video showed and the Flight attendents prepped the cabin for departure. A quick Taxi to Runway 25 and we were off on time. The takeoff was smooth as can be, as was the rest of the flight. We reached our cruising altitude. I forgot the exact altitude. The FA's started the drink and snack service. Bag of mini pretzels and a cup of soda. I was dissapointed as i get spoiled with the full can of soda on Frontier. Oh well.
    Soon after we started our decent. The approach was smooth. We were cleared to land and soon after that we had a nice smooth touchdown. We then taxied to the D concourse.

    When in Vegas
    My brothers team got knocked after the 4th game so I had three free days in Las Vegas!! I went over to The Airplane Shop. Thats quite a place!! I bought a nice Champion 727. I walked around the strip a bit and hung out at my hotel (Ballys), and went to In and Out Burger After what seemed like a short trip, it was time to go again.

    At the Airport, and boarding
    Check out was at 11am but the flight was at 7pm. We went early to try to get on standby back to Denver. Half of the team got on a flight that left around 4. We got on another flight about an hour later. (Flight 1414 July 27th) This time I was in 25C. Next to last row .

    The flight back
    The captain came on and said he would keep the seatbelt sign illuminated longer because it would get a bit bumpy. After sitting on the runway for 5+ minutes (Looking from my hotel window, I could see tons of planes sitting on the ground for 15, 20 minutes! hmmmm), anyway we started our takeoff roll. Right after lift off we were shifted around and bumped up and down due to the winds. There was continous light bumps throughout the entire flight, however finals for DEN was fairly smooth. They showed Ted TV which was like a short sitcom and clips of Jay Leno. Channel 9 is on Ted too and thats what I listened to the majority of the flight. We landed on Runway 16R I think? Either way it was the new runway. We taxied to gate A48 and thus ended a great flight on Ted!

    overall rating of Ted flights 1405 and 1414
    8/10 the no full can took off a bit, and the flight back was a bit late. Otherwise an awesome flight!

    I would absolutely reccomend Ted to anyone, Its great! Although I didnt see MUCH difference from mainline United, but I still had alot of fun on on Ted.
    UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.

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    Nice Report! I'll probably be taking TED to PHX from ORD via DEN or Frontier. You never know. If they are just like UA, i'm not missing anything.


    Next Flights:

    October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
    October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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      I will be posting another one on Alaska in about a week.
      UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.


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        I sitting next to some of his team members, I know them well but they still wouldnt give me their seat
        LOL I'd break there leg :P
        Only the dead have seen the end of the war-Plato


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