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ATLcenter goes to SFO! Part ONE

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  • ATLcenter goes to SFO! Part ONE

    OK, first Trip Report, bear with me!

    April 4 2003
    Northwest Airlines
    From: Atlanta
    To: Minneapolis St. Paul
    Aircraft: DC-9
    Seat: 19A and B
    Departure Time and gate: 11.45 AM Local Time Gate D14

    Friday....I got to miss school. My dad decided to let my mom and I go to the Golden State for my spring break. WE used up some of our WorldPreks miles (around 47500 miles combined, roundtrip) and set off.

    After a week of waiting, the day came. My dad dropped my mom and I off at a MARTA station about 45 minutes away from home. For those who are unaware of Atlanta, MARTA is our rapid transit system, which has 4 lines and some bus routes. It sucks.

    On the way to the station, my dad got cut off 4 times, saw 2 people run red lights, 1 wreck, and 7 police officers stopping a car for speeding. My mom and I reached the MARTA station, and bought out tickets. MY father went to work.

    Mom and I quickly caught a train, and we were off! The ride would take us around 35 minutes, so I read a Reader's Digest. WE reached the airport at around 11.20, meaning we had 10 minutes to checkin and get to the gate. NWA required you to board 15 minutes before...

    Luckily, mom and I had done checkin online, so we dropped off our checked bags at the conveyor and RAN to the security checkpoint.

    Pasted that, and went down to the underground people mover to Councourse D. Luckily, D14 was near the train's exit point, so we reached it in time. A NWA agent was in the process of permitting the removal of our bags from the plane! She cancelled it as soon as she saw us run to the counter and throw the tickets on the desk.... WAS SHE ANNOYED!

    WE went in, and I noticed it was a VERY old plane. My seat had no recline, and my mom's seatback pocket was torn. I settled into the window seat, and played my walkman (Song: Angel Eyes, ABBA). Nice ramp scene....there was a NWA A320 waiting to leave for Detroit. I turned off my walkman for taxi and take off. IN 10 minutes, we had taken off from the runway.

    ON the plane, I kept listening to music, and staring out the window. WAS I GLAD TO LEAVE THE SOUTH!!! Whew! A snack was served. THey were those Spinzel pretzels the NWA seems to serve now. I had a glass of Orange Juice with it. I finished both in under 5 minutes, though the trash cart came by an hour later.

    By the time snack service was over, we had began descent into the twin cities. The landing was very BUMPY! It was as if the pilot dropped the plane like a brick on the runway... pax recovered ( was that HARD!) and when we turned off the runway, a 747-400 had came behind us. WE saw it go to it's gate, which was a couple away from ours.

    WE exited the plane from Gate G22 I think...

    Checked the boards, and found out that our flight to SFO was leaving from F11.

    April 4 2003
    Northwest Airlines
    From: Minneapolis St. Paul
    To: San Francisco
    Aircraft: B 757-200
    Seat: 41A and B
    Departure Time and gate: 2.35 AM Local Time Gate F11

    Had a pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, and called my cousin, who was supposed to pick usup. I told her we were waiting for her at the airport...and she beieved it. So she was all scared, and i told her the truth. So she acknowleded us coming that evening...and we hung up.

    By the time mom and I were through with our Pizza, we had to board. WE went in, and got comfy. I saw red tails like crazy! Started reading the inflight mag (which featured the new colour scheme). IN a few minutes, we were on our way to SUNNY CALIFORNIA!!!!

    The flight was very nice...I stared out the window since it was an unusually clear day. We flew just about Right over the Great Salt Lake, and I saw Salt Lake City to the South of the lake. After a few hours, we passed over Lake Tahoe, and I saw Reno, Nevada near it. In 20 minutes time, we were descending.

    Green hills kept rooling under us, and we got lower and lower...The hills kept up, and I saw several 'forests'. Then we left the hills, and passed these stained glass looking fields of water. Turned out the was the Southern tip of SF Bay, which is a water treatment facility. The colours of the water ponds were due to different algae in them. WE kept flying across the bay, and I got a glimpse of the San Mateo and Dumbarton Bridge. We landed a few seconds after that.

    This landing was smooth and comfy. Didn't know we touched the ground! The a/c taxiied, and turned, and I saw the Bay Bridge over treasure Island in the distance. SFO HERE WE COME!!!!!

    Got out of the plane ot gate 44. Got our bags, and found out my cousin thought our plane reached at 7. WE had landed at 5. She thought 'evening' meant 7 and our originally booked flight was to land at 7. We changed planes a few days earlier, and my cous. knew nothing of it because we sent the revised itinerary over

    We waited two hours, and my cousin's husband showed up. We went out, and took Dumbarton Br. to UNion City, where my cousin lives.

    So? How was it? NOt bad?...

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    Spring break. I have 2 days off. You were lucky. Nice report.


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      Good report ATLcenter

      did you get any service from MSP to SFO???

      Keep up the good Trip Reports and looking forward to the return!

      Take care,
      Pete at PIT.....KPIT Rocks!


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        WE did get service from MSP to SFO. IN fact, that was larger than our Breakfast on the return:

        Pita with tomatoes, lettuce, cucmbers, and olive with dressing of some sort, a little bun with butter, and an entire can of Pepsi was my snack.

        The regular non-veg (I am vegetarian, so we order special meals) was the same, but with chicken bits in there too.


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          Re: ATLcenter goes to SFO! Part ONE

          Originally posted by ATLcenter
          ...Seat: 19A and B...
          Wow you took up both seats

          Good Report
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            JoeJoe, dunno if it was ajoke:

            My mom came with me, thats why it was 'we' and not I. mom was in 19-B


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              Click Here to view my aircraft photos at JetPhotos.Net!


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                Ah so that would explain, didnt get a chance to read the full thing as i had to get off the net, will read it fully now though...

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