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Trip Report for BOI-SLC-ATL-DAB

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  • Trip Report for BOI-SLC-ATL-DAB

    I left for the airport at 5 am. When I got to the airport I had to wait until 6 am to actually get my ticket and go to the gate. The people at the Delta checkin desk where friendly and very helpful.

    Once I got my ticket I went to security.

    SECURITY: BOI: Security took less than 3 minutes and then I was on to my gate.

    I was hoping to get the earlier flight at 6:30 am but it was already over booked.

    Seat 23F

    DEPARTURE: 7:59 am
    ARRIVAL: 8:52 am

    DETAILS: We departed 1 minute early by my watch. Once we were at cruising altitude the flight attendants came around with drinks and those really good cookies. When I asked them if I could go to the cockpit at the end of the flight they said that the pilot had no problem whatsoever. The cockpit of the 738 is SO NICE!!!! Lucky damn pilots!!!

    SLC: This place was a zoo by unmeasurable size. Everyone was shoulder to shoulder and nearly holding hands!!! NO KIDDING!!!

    Seat 43A

    DETAILS: I was finally on the plane that I wanted to be on for so long. The takeoff, like most of you guys said, was very powerless and felt like we were just floating off the ground, how BORING. Once we were at cruising altitude the little tv screens every 4 rows dropped down and the movie started playing, it was some dumb old movie about lawyers so I decided to talk to the guy next to me. He was in Marines Recon and was heading to Iraq in less than a month. GOD BLESS HIM. We talked about a lot of military stuff. When the flight attendant came to our seat she was so pretty, and she apparently liked the guy next to me. She offered him a free headphone rental, free BEER, and anything else that he needed!!! I was amazed, especially because we were in COACH. She also offered me a beer because I was in my camoe that I bought and she thought that I was in the military too. I was going to say yes, but my conscience got the best of me, and I figured I am only almost 16, I dont need it. The flight attendants were very nice and the pilots even cracked some jokes across the intercom. The seats were very confortable and we landed a few minutes ahead of time due to a strong tailwind. VERY VERY VERY hard and long landing. We landed on the little arrow things and went all the way to the end of the runway. We came in fast!!!!

    ATL: I thought that SLC was a zoo, geesh, I had never heard so many different languages in one day in my life!!! I wanted to get a pizza so I went all the way to concourse E when my flight was leaving from concourse B and I had come from concourse T, what a long journey because I stopped at C and D thinking that pizza hut was at one of those two, then I decided to read the maps. The line was a mile long so I didnt get anything.

    Seat 12A

    ARRIVAL: 18:43

    DETAILS: Since I was towards the front I did not hear the engines at all and the flight was so smooth and without very much turbulence. The flight attendants, all young, exept for the dumb lead one, she was a real "female dog". She pissed my off, when I asked her for the can she said, "It is Delta policy that we dont give out the can on such short flights incase we are stocked under what we need". I kindly said "whatever", but inside I was in a world of pissed off I had never seen myself in a long time. She made this flight pretty miserable on her half. When the other flight attendant came by for the second drink service, which surprised me, SHE GAVE ME THE CAN WITHOUT ME ASKING!!!! I was shocked and now EXTREMELY pissed off, but at the same time, happy, cuz' I was thirsty. When we landed it was nice and smooth and we taxied to the gate. The pilots didnt talk that much on the intercom but they were nice when we were deplaning.

    OVERALL: 10/10 Nothing wrong exept 1 f/a
    FLIGHTS: 10/10 Not much to say here
    FLIGHT ATTENDANTS: 9/10 Remember that one....
    PILOTS: 10/10
    AIRPORTS: 10/10 ATL was fun to navigate
    SEATS: 9/10 Cramped on 737-800
    LANDINGS: 9/10 Hard and fast landing in ATL

    Hope you guys enjoy my report!!!
    Posting DAB-ATL-SLC-BOI on August 8th if you guys want
    BOI is the best!!!! Delta Rocks!!!!
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    Re: Trip Report for BOI-SLC-ATL-DAB

    Originally posted by flyingnate88
    She also offered me a beer because I was in my camoe that I bought and she thought that I was in the military too. I was going to say yes, but my conscience got the best of me, and I figured I am only almost 16, I dont need it.
    Will F.
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      Good Report. I need to get on a 764 myself.

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        Re: Trip Report for BOI-SLC-ATL-DAB

        Originally posted by flyingnate88

        Fly from Buffalo!

        Non-Stop flights to:



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          Trip Report for BOI-SLC-ATL-DAB

          Glad to hear you had a good experience on Delta, with that one exception. As for the many languages in ATL, DL serves like 30 different countries from ATL. As far as SLC is concerned, be glad you were flying mainline! The Skywet Concourse E is even worth of a mess than D, C or B.



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            Nice report! More to say than...what did that mean stewardess get out of her bahaviour other than people thinking she was ridiculous?