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  • MLI-MDW-PHX-MDW-MLI from 2003

    This is an old trip report from when I went with my sister to visit my aunt and uncle before we lived near O'Hare. This was on ATA and it was pretty good. I had a lot of details written down and I never really see many ATA reports so here goes!

    June 11, 2002
    ATA Connection 32**
    Moline, Illinois (MLI) to Chicago Midway, Illinois (MDW)
    Saab 340B
    Flight Time: 30 minutes

    I don't remember much about this flight. We left from the only ATA Connection gate at Moline, B8 and it was a little less than 30 minutes flight time. It was on a Chicago Express Airlines Saab 340B and I found it to be very comfortable. We had an easy time making our connection in Chicago.

    June 11, 2002
    ATA Airlines 575
    Chicago Midway, Illinois (MDW) to Phoenix, Arizona (PHX)
    Boeing 757-200 (N950AT)
    Flight Time: 3 hours 2 minutes

    My sister and I had seats 2A and 2B. The seats were a blue cloth. There were overhead mounted televisions and we saw a bunch of sitcoms. They served snack mix, cookies, full can drinks, and a hot cheddar crossant that was very good. The flight was 100% full and the flight attendants were great. We landed early at gate 9 (i think)

    June 17, 2002
    ATA Airlines 572
    Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) to Chicago Midway, Illinois (MDW)
    Boeing 757-300
    Flight Time: 2 hours 59 minutes

    My sister and I were row 9 of this super long plane. Our pilots told us were were going 600mph and would be landing early after our 1h30min delay. It had the new leather seats that were really comfortable. More full can drinks, more snack mix, and hot-pockets. A Beautiful Mind was shown. Headphones were 2 dollars. We landed early and my sister and I went and took a bus to our Saab.

    June 17, 2002
    ATA Connection 32**
    Chicago Midway, Illinois (MDW) to Moline, Illinois (MLI)
    Saab 340, N304CE
    Flight Time: 35 minutes

    Just a Saab. Nothing special. On time, landed at B8. MLI only has 2 baggage claims but our bags never made it. They were delievered to our house the next day.

    Thanks for reading this short, old trip report

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