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Photo trip report: SYR-ATL-MAD-CAI (Not 56k friendly)

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  • Photo trip report: SYR-ATL-MAD-CAI (Not 56k friendly)

    June 29, 2004

    Flight: Delta 780
    Routing: SYR-ATL
    Time: 2:10 pm-4:30 pm
    Aircraft: MD-88
    Registration: N991DL

    I checked in at the Delta counter about an hour before scheduled takeoff. Security was easy; there was almost no line. Walking to the gate I saw the filming of what appeared to be an Independance Air TV commercial; with a man standing in front of the airline's logo talking about how great the airline was to the crew that was filming him. At the gate I managed to get some pictures of a TMA 727-200 and a Continental Express EMB-145, but these, like many other pictures, were saved on a DC that I accidentaly left in Egypt. The pictures I salvaged were those that I emailed home in case the CD didn't make it there. This is our aircraft at the gate-

    Soon it was time to board. I was in a window seat in the back of the plane, but still in front of the engine. This was my first MD-80 flight and the aircraft was clean and comfortable. Pushback was on time. As we taxied to the runway I was able to spot US Airways bare metal (US 737 (400?). Soon the engines came to life and we were hurtled down the runway. The climbout was steeper than I expected. We passed through a few white cumulous clouds and were on our way. Drinks were served, and the rest of the flight was largely uneventful. I did manage to snap this pic on our arrival in ATL-

    We had only about an hour in ATL, but enough time to get some Popeyes (one of my favorite fast food restaraunts. It was my first time at Popeyes in about 3 years).

    Flight: Delta 108
    Routing: ATL-MAD
    Time: 5:40 pm-8:15 am
    Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
    Registration: N196DN

    I made a quick call home, then boarded the 767. I was seated over the wing.

    We sat at the gate for a while, even after boarding was completed. After a little bit the captain came on and said that the number 2 door had failed to latch. He said that they might need to call in a mechanic if they couldn't get the problem resolved. Thankfully, it was just a piece of debris, and after about 30-45 minutes, we were on our way. This 767 pushed back before us-

    There was a long line for takeoff-

    We cut the line and became number 6 for takeoff. I was able to take this picture (my first on!)-


    Soon it was our turn. The massive engines came to live and we were airborne after a short while. We climbed at a steep angle, and it was fairly hazy, so I couldn't really see the ground until we were nearing Spain. Next it was time for dinner (southwestern chicken) and a movie (Welcome to Mooseport). The food was good, and so was the movie. I was fortunate since I could see both the TV and out the window.

    Breakfast, consisting of a warm bagel, a banana, grape jelley, butter, and orange juice was served as we neared the coast of Portugal. Low clouds obscured my vision of Portugal, but when we got over Spain, it was clear. We landed without incident. Custums was easy to clear, but now came the hard part-a 10 hour layover in Madrid.

    Madrid is not one of my favorite airports. There are very few seats, and it is always very busy. I ate, slept some, and checked in about 5 hours early. Once I got to the gate, I slept some more and endured the rest of the wait until my next flight.

    Flight: Iberia 3734
    Routing: MAD-CAI
    Time: 5:55 pm-121:45 pm
    Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
    Registration: N/A

    After checking in, I was sent to a lounge to wait. A bus picked us up and took us to our remote stand. The temperature was approx. 100 F/37 C, and I was glad to get on the aircraft. This would be my first 757 flight. I was seated in another window seat, next to the engine. As we taxied to the runway, I spotted an Airbus (Beluga?) transporter aircraft. We took off, and the view out the window was decent, but was obscured by haze. We passed over some very nice lookking islands in the Mediteranian. Soon it became dark and a spanish movie, along with TV shows such as just for gags, was shown. Dinner was good.

    We began our approach into Cairo. It was dark out, but the lights illuminated the city. The Pyramids were lit up and visible from the air as we approached. After our arrival, we made our way through the very crowded airport and past the security lines with the help of a very nice individual. Soon I was greeted with the hot, musty air of downtown Cairo.

    Stay tuned for my next photo trip report: CAI-MAD-JFK-CVG-SYR
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