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YSSY-YBTL-YSSY with Virgin Blue

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  • YSSY-YBTL-YSSY with Virgin Blue

    Date: 22/7/04
    Flight: DJ615 (YSSY-YBTL)
    Aircraft: VH-VBD (737-7Q
    Seq: 16
    Seat: 1F
    A/B: 10:46
    FL: 38,000
    Speed: 453 kts
    ATA: 13:05
    PAX: 92
    Pilots: Capt. Colbert and F/O Clarke

    Got a nice early check-in (around 7am). There was no-one in line so check-in took about 30 seconds. The ticketing bloke asked my seating preference to which I replied “forward window” and to my surprise was offered 1F. I was under the impression these were blue zone seats and you had to pay a little extra for them. I didn’t complain.
    Grabbed a couple of boxes of KK doughnuts for friends and family and then checked out the Virgin Blue Room for an hour or two.
    Boarded the aircraft at about 10:15 and had to endure watching the flight attendant at the front of the aircraft showing off his inability to dance to the music on the PA system for about 10 minute. Taxied to 16R, took off, climbed out over the bay and then turned back over Cronulla, directly over Bankstown airport and out to Richmond. From here our route was direct Narabri, Roma and Townsville. We climbed to FL380 and enjoyed a smooth cruise all the way to Townsville. Just as we reached the top of our descent, the seatbelt sign was put on as there were reports from an aircraft ahead of turbulence on the way into Townsville. We experienced some mild to moderate turbulence for a few minutes initially, but nothing too bad.
    Turned onto final behind Mt. Stuart and then cruised in for a pretty smooth touchdown and were at the gate 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

    Thought the cabin crew left a lot to be desired. Apart from the try-hard dancing at the beginning, it seemed like they did the bare minimum and then disappeared until final approach. I appreciated the captain and first officer taking the time to fill in my logbook and chat for a couple of minutes.

    Date: 27/7/04
    Flight: DJ614 (YBTL-YSSY)
    Aircraft: VH-VBD (737-7Q Again!
    Seq: 7
    Seat: 4A
    A/B: 14:05
    FL: 39,000
    Speed: 454 kts
    ATA: 16:21
    PAX: 125
    Pilots: Capt. Wilson and F/O Leak

    Another early check-in, this time sequence 7 and a seat choice of 4A. I was disappointed to see VH-VBD pull up to the gate, but I got over it. We were a few minutes late on the pushback and were eventually airborne at 14:05, 20 minutes behind schedule. Did the usual departure from rwy 01, climbing over the bay and then turning near Magnetic Island to head south.
    Climbed up to FL390 and tracked south to YSSY. We were offered 2 food and beverage services of which I bought a bottle of water. Enjoyed a smooth cruise and some good conversation with the lady sitting next to me who was travelling down to see her boyfriend in Sydney for a while. Reached the top of our descent and it began looking like we were going to be using 16R which was what I had hoped for. Descended in over the harbour and down onto 16R (unfortunately the ice crystals that had formed on the windows melted during descent and formed a foggy area covering most of the windows so the pictures weren’t as good as I hoped). Arrived at the gate 6 minutes behind schedule. Gathered my luggage and just got out of the airport when the news broke of the UA B.O.B. scare and the airport went into emergency mode.

    A much better impression of the cabin crew on this leg. All were warm, friendly and seemed to love their jobs. Again, cheers to the flight deck for taking the time to fill in the logbook and allow a few flight deck shots.

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    Thanks for the report.
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      Great to see a virgin blue report I'll be flying on them from Melbourne to Canberra and back (short trip, I know ) so it's nice to know some more about them =)
      Nice report too! Well done


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        We will be flying Virgin Blue next March (the 12th) from Sydney to Cairns. There will be 9 of us.


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          Good Report
          - The baby will be back -


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            Nice report!

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