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ATL-FRA on Delta A decorative experience

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  • ATL-FRA on Delta A decorative experience

    Hi guys

    I have flown Delta for the first time and besides the bad comments i have heard of service I had a great flight, spotless planes, good flight attendants, however seat pitch is an insult!!!

    I flew ATL-FRA on a 777, where I got row 55 on an old layout plane AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS you have no legroom, but the plane is full of light which makes it somehow ZEN.

    Then on FRA-ATL on a 763, a very nice plane, though I hate the old style interior with all those righta angled corners, specially the right angled corner in the metal bar of the seat in fron which didn't let me stretch my feet, not at all Feng shui.

    Food is nice however somehow minimalistic.

    The service is chinesque, since FA's are always willing to please with little by little improvements in your flight, however nothing boarroque like Asian carriers

    I hope you liked my short review


    Hey wait!!!! I'll post something more interesting later, wait for it!!!!

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    prob the shortest international trip report ive ever seen!
    Only the dead have seen the end of the war-Plato


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      I'll rewrite my travel experience with Delta/AeroMexico in detail (Note the pictures were not in my flight, but they are so you can have an idea)

      I checked in at MEX in the AeroMexico's counter, there were checking in four flights, our flight was bound to Atlanta.
      Once we arrived at the couter, we were given our boarding passes (all of them, all the way to Frankfurt). We proceded to the security filter, there we handed our carry on luggage to be checked.
      MEX international terminal is small and full of Duty Free shops and small cafeterias. Our gate was No. 27, there was a 757-200 parked.

      Origin: Mexico City
      Destination: Atlanta
      Flight: AM 600
      Date: July 2, 2004
      Time: 11:45
      Seat: 30D
      Duration: 2h50 Real duration: 3h15
      Equipment: Boeing 757-200

      Boarding commenced immediately, first the Clase Premier passengers, later on we started boarding by road numbers, although no one seemed to notice it. We took about 15 minutes to cross the air bridge to the plane as it was really crowded. Once on the plane, you could see from one side Clase Premier (New style, looks pretty much like AA's)

      I got seat 29D which is Aisle, the seats on AM's 757-200 are the standard Sicma Aero Seat Coach seats, no headrest, but very comfortable, each seat had a cloth pillow and a very good quality blanket packed in plastic, but unfortunately the plane lloks aged.

      Service started almost immediately after takeoff, even it was a 3 hour flight we got warm meal service. They had pasta or chicken, pasta was very good, it was covered with peppers and filled with mushroom, there was complimentary spirit service, and cofee.

      While we ate, they handed us a headset, and they played a movie, although I didn't watched it, I decided to go and see the plane, and I could manage to see what they were eating on Premier Class, the service is so nice, they get a small menu, and they have a cheese selection platter that the FA's show to each passenger.

      Aeromexico's meals look somehow like this ones in coach:

      and in Premier Class like this ones:

      Finally we arrived to Atlanta, and we were lost about an hour in immigration, then we had to go to the baggage bands, and got our suitcases, later we had to hand them to a Delta agent in a counter.

      Later we proceded to the security filter where we waited fifteen minutes, it was fast, there were lots of people, and they opened our bags.

      We proceded to call home from the concourse E in Atlanta, there we bought something to eat and to take with us to the plane.
      When we arrived to the gate they told us we had to change our Aeromexico boarding passes to Delta, so we did, the agent there was a bit strange and started complaining about why she got all the Aeromexico guys.

      Origin: Atlanta
      Destination: Frankfurt
      Flight: DL 20
      Date: July 2, 2004
      Time: 18:20
      Seat: 55G
      Duration: 8h10 Real Duration 9h30 due to traffic in FRA
      Equipment: 777-200ER

      Having boarded the plane, we were greeted by friendly light blue dressed FA's, and were taken to our seats, this plane was in the old 777 Layout (2x5x2) but the 55th row is where the row of 5 turns to 4, so we had no legroom, then my PTV didn't worked, which I didn't cared, but neither my headset so I couldn't hear music. My seat was broken down so it returned to the upright possitionby itself.
      Service started about 2 hours from tak off, but it was really good, flight attendants were really friendly.
      The flight was unevenful and I couldn't sleep. FA's tried to get me another seat but they were unlucky (Well I was unlucky). Whe we arrived to German territory, we were noticed we were having an hour delay due to traffic in Frankfurt, we were flying over the airport for about 50 minutes, and then we proceeded to land.
      Deplaning was really fast, and FA's said goodbye very happy.

      Thanks for listening my review
      I hoped you liked it


      Fly AM when you travel to MEX


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        Nice review Great to hear that you didn't have a problem with delta too, I've heard nothing but bad news about them =/ Good to hear they aren't that bad.


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          Thanks a lot,

          However I would like to say I used this pictures just for you to get the idea how is AeroMexico, although I used them, they were not taken by me so I'd like to thank the photographer and give him credit!

          Thanks alot



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            Originally posted by LXA330
            Thanks a lot,

            However I would like to say I used this pictures just for you to get the idea how is AeroMexico, although I used them, they were not taken by me so I'd like to thank the photographer and give him credit!

            Thanks alot

            Oh I thought it was all taken by someone else (since I saw these pictures over a month ago I think LOL ) , but it's still a great review!
            Have you made the return trip yet, or will that review be written later?? If you haven't made the trip back yet, I wish you a pleasant flight once again! ~


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              Thanks a lor Janny, I have already made my return trip already, and I think I'll write it later on, but at the moment I am waiting for more pictures to come tu publish them

              thanks a lot