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My best flights yet! DEN-SEA and back on Alaska

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  • My best flights yet! DEN-SEA and back on Alaska

    At the airport and boarding July 31, 2004

    I was going up to visit my aunt and uncle in Bellingham WA about two hours north of Seattle. Also went to see my old house.... so many memories. Anyhoo, check in was quick on Alaska's Instant Travel kiosks. The flight boarded at 6:21 and I checked in about two hours before, so I had some time. I went through security fairly quickly, and headed to the C councourse. My gate was C32. When I got there I went to the end of the concourse so I could watch some planes take off and land. I got there just in time to see The Lufthansa 744 lift off and start its long journey to Frankfurt. Sooner than I thought, they started the boarding announcements. The aircraft was a beautiful, clean 737-900. The flight was flt. 565 and fairly full. Alaska boards first class, and then all rows at once. (made for a huge line) I walked through the jetway to the plane and took my seat. 21A. This gave me a good view of the flaps. I was dissapointed, however because instead if having the window right in front of me there was a wall with one window behind me and one window in front. Which one do I look out of???? oh well.
    Taxi, takeoff and up to cruising.

    We taxied quickly to our runway. (I forget the #) but we took off to the south so right after lift off we made a huge right turn to get back on track. The weather in DEN was good so it made for a nice smooth ride. We eventually reached our cruising altitude of 32,000ft.
    cruising, and decent

    When we got up to our cruising altitude they started the snack service. First a thing of Denali Ice cream. It was bear claw flavored . Man it was sooo good. They then came around with drinks. I got a Ginger ale, and they served peanuts. As if that wasnt enough they came around again to see if anyone wanted any more drinks. GREAT SERVICE! Eventually, the captain came on and said to get back in your seat because we were beginning our decent. As we decended we had awesome views of Mt. Saint Helens, and Mt. Ranier. Its cool when your aircraft is level with the top of Mt. Ranier! We lined up to land facing north.
    Landing, and taxi

    This was a great landing! As we were on final trees were all around the plane. It looked like we were decending in to trees! It was great. A smooth touchdown ended our 2 hour journey. We got stopped quickly and we taxied over to the D concourse to our gate at D-10.
    While I was there

    My aunt, cousin, and other cousin's girlfriend (f/a for Horizon) were there to pick us up. My cousins girlfriend was hit by a car while biking in portland going to the airport for work!!! She wasnt too bad tho a couple of bruses a cast. Cant be a flight attendant for a while! Anyway, We drove up to Bellingham. While there my cousin took me to see Napolion Dynamite!!! AHHHHHHHH that movie is sooooo funny. We took a few ferry rides, and hung out around town but before I knew it, it was time to head back to Denver.
    The flight back

    We checked in for our flight back. I forget like everything about this flight, but bear with me. We went over to the C councourse, and waited for the 737-700 to get there. When it finally did I went to my seat 10A. We taxied out and took off to the south. We reached our cruising altitude of 37,000ft. and once again.....Denali Ice Cream!!! This time it was Vanilla Bean. It was very good. This time we were offered a full can, and peanuts. The captain was very knowledgable about the area. He pointed out every single landmark and large town on the way. When we started our decent, it started to get bumpy. Especialy when we decended through the clouds. I was sitting next to my mom, who kinda has a fear for turblunece. I was liking it tho! It was dark outside and for the 5 minutes we were in the clouds, I could barely see the tip of the wing. Kinda freaky. We seemed to be sinking too much on final but the cap revved up the engines a bit to gracefully touch us down on RWY 16L. We taxied to gate C32, and thus ended some of the greatest flights I have ever had.
    UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.

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    Great report, glad you wrote it! Alaska sounds like a great airline and I am hoping to try them ORD-SEA-PHX and return this summer if it not very expensive.


    Next Flights:

    October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
    October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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      Great flight review How long did the flight take exactly?? It sounded like an hour or something, but I might be off
      Cool signature by the way! Homsar rulz. lol... *screams off topic @ helf, slaps herself and leaves*


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        I believe the flight was around 2hours and 20minutes
        UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.


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          the best flight

          When i went from FLL to LAS i had the greatest service ever on song. I am a pilot on a song 757 and i get free flights. When i was on it they had everythin. T.Vs on everyseat with games movies!! Great food and its was awsome... fairly smooth flight


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            sorry, that was off topic

            sorry about that, that sounds great, ive flown into SEA and two places in alaska, Fairbanks is very tricky to land, but tell me more about it


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              Not quite sure i understand your question. sorry
              UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.


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