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Aug. 2nd CX901 to MNL from HKG

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  • janni-chan
    Nice review It's a shame with the window though! I'll be flying CPH-SIN-MEL(australia) this saturday, I hope I get a window seat! Have to meet up very early in the airport to get one though

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  • pbateson
    started a topic Aug. 2nd CX901 to MNL from HKG

    Aug. 2nd CX901 to MNL from HKG

    I forget to put in.

    Early the morning, I getting up at 6am and prepared ready to the airport. At 8am, it getting late to the flight. Then we rushing to the gate 1. I picked up the foods and to give my stepmum and my stepsister. Then I am in CX 744 and the seat is 34A. It have no window that make me . I didnt realize what seat number to the window a good view. Then takeoff and flew to Manila. Once the weather was outcast the storm. Then little turbulence, and landing to MNL airport. The landing was smooth and back to the gate.

    Alright, do you understand?