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CX918 From MNL-HKG

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  • CX918 From MNL-HKG

    I did post in avation thread. Hehe! So, this morning at 6am, I pack all my things to get ready to the NAIA airport. It take 3 hrs to 4hrs because of heavy traffic in Manila Downtown. We leave the cheap hotel from Ologapo City at 12pm then go thought Subic Bay Expressway. After 1 hr, then take a rest. 2pm, we go thought to the airport. A big traffic jam stuck in downtown for 2 hrs. We gonna be late to the ticket counter to check-in. Finally, we arrived in 5pm. Then rushing to check-in. Now, we made it and rushing to the gate to get on the plane. I saw a big engines and it RR.

    34A to 35A

    This plane the cabin was clean and still new. The crew were friendly and I sitting in the window of the middle wing next to business man. The flap was still 30 and pushback then put back to 0 and t/o flap. I saw a camera to show on the ground. The takeoff was smooth and meduim turbulence thought South China Sea. The wing is shiny. Then approach to HKG and nice view of the city then landing to the runway. Landing was smooth and the runway was too wet. The engines is very nice sound than A343.

    Overall the plane was great and great view of the front of landing gear. Unfortunately, this is a last Cathay Pacific flight for me.

    Now, this is the 1st time to flew on A340-642.