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WN 2013/809, AUS-DAL-OKC; May 22nd

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  • WN 2013/809, AUS-DAL-OKC; May 22nd

    So it was time to head back Norman. Packed the carry-ons and headed out to Bergstrom International. My sister dropped us off in 15 minutes, since she lives pretty close to the airport. She parked the car in the garage and we headed off into the terminal. Check-in was pretty quick and my mom and I got into the A group. After that was done, we headed off into the seating area above the baggage claim area and chatted for a while.

    The boarding time was coming pretty close, so we deciided to go ino the gate holding area.

    Date: 5/22/04
    Flight: Southwest 2013
    SDT: 2:05p.m.
    ADT: 2:00p.m.
    SAT: 2:45p.m.
    AAT: 2:37p.m.
    Seats: don't remember
    Equip: B737-200Adv
    Reg: N87SW
    Dep Weather: Partly to mostly cloudy. Temp in the low 90's. S wind at 25 gusting to 35.
    Arr Weather: more of the same, but w/ partly cloudy skies

    We then headed through security and into the ggate 9 area. After about half an hour, we stood in line to board the aircraft.. Boarding was completed on time and I took a seat right next to the thruust reverser. I was actually looking forward to flying in this oldie again, as it migt have been the last time I would get to fly in one. Cruising altitude, if I remember correctly, was to be 23,000 feet. At gate 6 was a DL -88 in cs #3.

    After pushback and taxi to runway 17L, we were #1 for t/o. Holding just short of 17L was a Piper. We taxied around it on the other taxiway line and the pilot gunned the engines to t/o power. Takeoff rolll was pretty quick and we turned left and banked around to the north. After a short while, we sttarted descent to the DAL area. (We were aided by strong S winds). Turned left to heading 270 and then again to line up w/ RWY 13R. That's when the real fun bbegan. Since the winds were strong out of the S, it was actually like landing with a strong crosswind. It was pretty neat to watch the right wing and aileron going nuts during the final. Finally, we crossed the lake and had a smooth touchdown for the given conditions. Reverse thrust was one of those 3G ones.

    Dallas-Love Field is pretty boring, much like HOU, except HOU has more airlines. But I was lucky enough to get this shot.

    If you didn't recognize the plane in this photo besides the DHL 722, it's the Southern L 1011 which was stationed at DAL for some movie shoot or something. Besides that, there wasn't much to photograph, and I didn't see any special cs WN 'craft during my short stay at DAL.

    Date: 5/22/04
    Flight: WN 809
    SDT: 3:45p.m.
    ADT: 3:47p.m.
    SAT: 4:35p.m.
    AAT: 4:30p.m.
    Seats: don't remember
    Equip: B737-200Adv
    Dep Weather: Partly cloudy. Temp in the lower 90's. Wind S at 25 gusting to 32
    Arr Weather: same as for DAL

    After a very short hr-long layover at DAL, boarding for our flt to Oklahoma City started. We were in the A group again and I chose the same seat over the thruust reverser.. Pushback and taxi later, we were at the edge of the runway.. Again, it was 13R for us.. We were #1 for dep. The pilot taxied the 'craft ito position and held it for a few secs.. Then the throttles were pushed forward and off we went. There was a good amount of rudder input as we went SE against a gusty S wind, and I the aircraft actually did go from side to side, but it was gr8! Right after t/o we passed by the downtown skyline

    and I was able to take this shot.. After continuing to go SEwrd, we llooped around to the N and made a beeline for OKC.. Pretzels and soft drinks were served by the FA's. Descent was ppretty quick and soon we were over Norman. Then we headed up I-35 and tuurned left just shy of the downtown skyline of Oklahoma City. RWY 17L was the assigned runway and the pilot made a pretty good full-flaps landing. We didn't use that much runway at all and turned off the active onto one of the crossfield taxiways. The assigned gate was C1.. We didn't have anny chhecked luggage, so we headed right out of the terminal and my dad picked us up.

    Ovverall, I was very pleased w/ WN. It's an efficient airline and cuts to the chase. I look forward to flying it again.

    Hope you enjoyed this flt review. I'll be posting a barrage of flt reviews in the coming days covering my trip to India and back. Feel free to add any comments/sugggestions/questions.

    Happpy Flying!

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    Hey folks, sorry about the pphoto size, I tried to crop them, but for some reason, that didn't work. Btw, the reg of the plane for the DAL-OKC flt was N95SW.

    Happy Flying!


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      Great Ameya!

      I remember flying over the skyline when i took off from DFW on AA, it was so awesome to see it slipping under the wing as it got smlaler and smaller. I still have YET to fly a Southwest 737-200, after all, thats what made Southwest what it is now. Ill definetly have to try Southwest in the near future again! Glad your back! Nice pics by the way.
      Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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        Hey Alex,

        thanks! yeah, it was good to fly WN. I hope I get a chance to fly it soon. Btw, ur best bet to fly a WN -200 is to route urself through DAL, you won't miss it.

        Happy Flying!