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    I was up very early to catch a flight to Munich on Friday 13 August from Heathrow.

    Lufthansa LH4765
    Sch Dep time 07.30
    Act Dep time 07:18
    Seat 24F
    Flight time 1:25

    A snack was served which consisted of a carton of OJ, 2 small sandwiches (1 ham & 1 cheese) & fruit cereal bar. The usual drinks were available and the crew were attentive and smiley - even at the early hour.

    The flight was a bit bumpy so the seatbelt sign was on for much of the flight and the flight deck crew did make a couple of PA's.

    Arrived at Munich on r/w 26R and parked at the new Terminal 2.

    Spotting facilities at T2 are ok with good views of the ramp and piers. Photography is through glass and reflections can make it a bit tricky. There is a 2euro entrance fee to this terrace.

    The other spotting area is away from the airport itself, close to the end of r/w 08L and is called 'besucher park' The S-bahn train from the airport takes a few minutes and is the first stop (ticket is 1.1 euro) Look for the destination under 'flughafen besucher park' and/or press the 'K' button.
    From the station you will need to cross the main road via the bridge and turn right - it is easy to see and takes 5 mins from the station. 3 preserved aircraft are also here (DC3/Ju52/L1049 connie - I will put photos on the site when I can)

    Return flight Sunday 15 August

    LH4752 Lufthansa A320-200 D-AIQU
    Sch Dep time 0910
    Act Dep time 0904
    Seat 7A
    Arrival time 09.50 local (-1hour)
    Flight time 1.33

    A snack was offered - a small cheese roll + the usual drinks. Again the crew were attentive and pleasant.

    Route took us over Brussels with Southend being the first English land we crossed, then over London to land on 27R.

    Both flights were good, cabin was clean and the grey leather seats do look smart.