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    Since there are so many Topics about you Worst flight expirence how about your best flight expirence? Mine was on MetroJet on a cold day in Maryland but a nice day in Florida. we flew down for easter in 2000. The flight was smooth and the crew great with service. And who can forget those excellent 732's. Runner-up would have to be a Dc-10 flight on AA through ORD in the late 80's. Let's hear yours.

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    My best flight must have been on Monarch Airlines DC-10-30, G-DMCA. The cabin staff where great on the 9 hour flight to Peurta Plata (Dominican Republic). The food was good and the seats where very comfy. I even went up to the flightdeck, it was great.



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      Best flight from an emotional standpoint was returning home to Canada from Larnaca, Cyprus on an Air Force CC137 (707-347); being stuck on that island for six months in close contact with my boss, the narcissist Major and his deputy "Chuckles" was not fun and I was happy to see it end.

      Best flight from a service standpoint was being upgraded to first from J Class twice on the Toronto-Edmonton route with AC, back in the days when we had domestic first class on 767-200s. It was really nice to see how the other half lived.

      Best flight from a sense of adventure perspective was flying KLM from Montreal-Mirabel to Nairobi via Amsterdam. A close second was leaving Edmonton on a CC130 to March AFB, California for a five week freefall parachuting training camp-sure beat the h*ll out of being stuck behind a desk doing diddly in National Defence Headquarters.


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        My best flight was aboard a Lufthansa 747-400 from Frankfurt to Beijing. Flight was smooth and service was great. The food was awesome and entertainment was good, too. I even got to go up to the cockpit during the flight. I stayed for 30 minutes. I chatted with the pilots and the captain pointed out a LH340 infront of us on its way to Seoul.
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          Emotionally, i'd have to say may father and my flight to BOM thru AMS on KLm in November 1999. From a service standpoint, it was the same flight.

          To perfect to be true...before 9-11, so I went into the cockpit of each aircraft while inflight. I swear, that look of Greenland looming far in the west is just a cool sight...not to mention Mamhattan at night 35,00 ft in the air while sipping a cold coke and listening to ABBA....


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            Even though my fav. airline is Cathay, my best flight has been on Jet Airways, when I was flying from Delhi to Bombay with my dad. Business class, great food, smoooth ride, friendly staff, what more could i have asked for.
            "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

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              My best was a one-hour sightseeing trip onboard Balair's famous DC-6A/C HB-IBS. The flight started at Basel airport, and routed via the Bernese Alps, where we circled around the snow-covered peaks. Quite unforgettable:

              The date was 07 November 1981, shortly before HB-IBS was delivered to Conair as C-GIBS .



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                I don't specifically recall single great flights. The HKG-AKL-HKG flight on the review thread definately ranked towards the top of the list.

                But my favorites have always been on Singapore Airlines. I can't say that I've ever been bored on a SIA flight. I especially liked the trips on the Business class upper deck. Ah, the old days on those BRU-SIN and SIN-BRU flights (often stopping over at CDG or ZRH) were great with top notch service. I could play nintendo, watch movies, comedy, get those free plastic snaptogether models, and visit the cockpit. Their B744s are great! I also had great rides on their A343s and 777s on other routes.


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                  My best flight was with TAP Air Portugal, from Lisboa to the famous Funchal. The service on this 90' route was really great, better than on most transatlantic ones. The only downpoint was that TAP only uses Airbuses...

                  Another flight I'll always remember was a Sobleair one from Málaga to Brussels. The pilots kept their door open the entire flight, even during takeoff and landing. The entire front half of the plane had a jump-seat experience. Unfortunately, that was before September 2001.


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                    I know i'm biased, but even before i worked at Midwest Express, i had my best flights ever on them:
                    MCI-MKE- Tons of room, served bagels, yogurt and fruit salad on a 65min flight!!
                    MKE-BOS- Same as before in terms of room, but served eggs benedict and fruit along w/ a mimosa (2h30m)
                    BOS-MKE-Bulkhead seat on a beautiful MD80, served gigantic cold cut plate with jumbo chilled shrimp, cheeses, salad, and choc. chip cookies!!
                    MKE-MCI- Bagel chips and Bacon-chive dip

                    Very nicely done, but this was 3 years ago, and the inflight product has drastically changed On the flight from MCI-MKE there were like 7 pax and 3 FA's, so the service was outstanding (it was at 5am)
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                      I really have no truly outstanding flights to recall, but you could say my best flight was on a Hawaiian DC-9-50 from Honululu to Kahului (Maui). There were no delays whatsoever, boarding was a snap, and the scenery viewable on the flight was beautiful, as it was a clear sunset flight.


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                        My best flight was in Summer 1998 on Northwest Airlines flight 95, a DC-10, from Seattle to Osaka/Kansai. The flight was delayed for four hours so I killed the time enjoying the beauitiful Seattle scenery and watching the planes, mostly small Horizon Air flights, taxi around and take off. The flight itself was very pleasant for a long flight. Usually I can't wait to get off of the long transoceanics, but the service was pleasant and the food was good. I actually got some sleep on a plane for once which killed most of my time. On arrival in KIX, I saw a 777 for the first time that I noticed and I got a night in the Hotel Nikko KIX paid by Northwest which was an excellent hotel. Northwest handled my delay very well and rebooked me on the next flight to Okinawa in the morning since I missed my connection.


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                          I have so many! But probably my favourite would have been a SYD - Denpasar flight in March 2000 - AN 763 - J.

                          I loved AN International - they were a class act through and through.

                          They couldn't have made the trip any better than any other flight I have had.

                          My partner and I got creative and asked the skychef if she could make us cocktails.


                          Great fun was had all round - even the sky chef and FA's were mighty keen to *try* the cocktails out.

                          I still miss Ansett. Cabin crew and service can make or break a flight and AN Internationals were ALWAYS brilliant!!

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