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Pan Am III: Allentown to Sanford

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  • Pan Am III: Allentown to Sanford

    This review is a bit old but I thought that everyone would be interested.

    I took this flight just over two years ago. My family was vacationing in Orlando but I had a last second business trip to Allentown that I had to go on. The plan was to fly to Orlando and catch up with them after the meeting. As a long time Pan Am fan, I could not resist so I booked them. Plus, it was the only direct flight, at least at that time, to Orlando.

    The flight left on-time. I was a bit surprised since I knew that delays and cancelled flights are commonplace with them. The plane came in from Portsmouth first which made the on-time departure even more surprising.

    Pan Am didn't have assigned seating and it was first come, first served on the plane. I was on a 727 which was a pleasure since I hadn't been on one in years. There was plenty of legroom and the cabin interior was almost brand new and you would never know that the plane was older.

    The 727 was half filled. After take off, they served drinks which were individually served on a tray. There were no drink carts to be seen. They served freshly baked breadsticks with marinara sauce. They were tasty and a bit unusual to see on a plane.

    The cabin crew were very pleasant and polite. The captain appeared after landing and thanked everyone for flying as we left the aircraft.

    We landed in Sanford on-time and my luggage was delivered quickly after arrival. Sanford was a nice airport and I was surprised since it was nicer than I had thought it would be.

    Two thumbs up to Pan Am for that flight. On-time, good service and an enjoyable flight. It's too bad they can't do that all of the time! Pan Am has since discontinued this service.