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Aug 14th HKG-NRT-SEA

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  • Aug 14th HKG-NRT-SEA

    I am going back to home because I am unable going to Phuket, Macau, and HK again.

    Therefore, this morning, I woke up at 6am to pack the things because the car picked up at 7am. Meanwhile, we arrived at the airport in 8:15am then I went to the check-in counter to book a seat. Now, I am going to sit in business class. After passing the passport control, I am having a quick breakfast at Popeye’s restaurant then go though the gate. I am on the UAL 744 N120UA and I sat in 8H. The crew give me a free drink The plane leaving the gate, the all engines are starting, but the third engine are not running then rolling into the taxi the 3rd engine is now running. We go into the runway and takeoff. The seat had PTV than the other class. On enroute to Taiwan, the turbulence was mid-medium and the food was great it had better than other class. After 3hrs from HKG, approach to the Nartia runway then land the ground. The flap is now back to zero and turn back again. I go to the connection flight to Seattle. I enjoy to layover and I am playing PS2 the GT4 then I exchange the money to buy something. At evening, the boarding is on, and then I go though inside the plane of UAL 772ER N221UA. Another I sit in business class 15J. The crew gives me a free drink too. The seat is same as 744 and it had more legroom than 744. The PTV is same and middle wing behind the engine. The plane leaving the gate, go though the runway and take off right now. Enroute in the Pacific Ocean. The food was awesome. They have Japanese foods and dessert. At 34,000 hit the medium turbulence and at 36,000 hit turbulence again. After eight hrs flight, approach to the Seattle runway at clear weather and then land on the runway with full reserve thrusters. Not too loud, like from RR.

    The flight was great and fast. The crew was great. The seat was great too.

    Anyway, do you understand me?