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  • BOG-MDW via EWR on CO

    Background: My parents wanted to go again to Chicago, because the last time we went, we loved it, but we didin't have much time because the time wasnt enough, just one week, so this time we would be for longer in the windy city. We went also with my aunt, because we would stay with her...and somehow, we carried our little cousin, wich is a pain in the back..

    Monday July 26th 2004

    Flight CO 880 BOG-EWR
    Flight Depart: 9.20am
    Flight Arrival: 4.05pm
    Aircraft: Boeing 757 (757)

    We woke up early that Monday, and arrived the airport at 6, 3 hours befor the flight, as is recommeded by the travel agencies... when we arrived to the airport...and found COs line...i was it was FULL.
    well, there where 2 flights, to IAH and mine to EWR, my mums travel agent, told her that we would be upgraded to business, so i was a bit relieved, because we would flight in a full flight...full of in coach it wont be nice for a 6 hour flight.

    when we went to the counter... they told us that there were no upgrades...i almost exploaded...and i wasn't very happy with our seat arrangement...we would go in the faar back, and without windows... the faar back has atleast some advantage...but no window?

    well...we went to the Mc Donalds next to the regional apron for a breakfast...i never eat before a flight, and this time wasnt the exeption...i just drank an orange juice... the rest of us ate pancackes and sadwiches... i managed to see an AC 319 going to Toronto ( AC started flights to BOG since Jul 1st) and i watched a bit weird thing...and AV MD83 landing in the 13L runway, and after that...a firefighter truck heading to it..i though " damm ...departing will be a chaos if the runway is closed.." because between 7 and 9 am...all flights to the US and to the Caribbean depart...and there're about 10 flights dayly at that time.

    we had to be at the gate at 7.45 we headed to the concourse...
    we did all the exit-colombia stuff, and then had a roll by the duty free stores, i bought a sunglasses, and a colombia hat for my cousin in the states.

    then we went to the gates, and that's when the happy stuff happened
    all the passengers to EWR went to gate 8 as we were told...then we moved to the other gate...the one CO uses 3... and i found out that now gates are like can't see aircraft, and you can't enter without a flight coupon

    we waited in the gate..till our plane arrived from Quito, when it arrived...the flight crew called my parents...they arrived to us with an ear-to-ear smile..they were upgraded...while we werent...and Biz class wasn't even full... i was so angry...but still who cares.

    then the plane arrived... the people from UIO went was full of american college ppl, that were in a tour in Ecuador.

    then they called us to enter...i was son happy to see that still the aircraft had the "new" seats...far more confortable than the ones in other CO planes.

    it was 9.45am, and still we were on the gate... but at last...the plane started moving, we went towars RWY 13L...and we finally took off, that 757 is a very powerful aircraft..i love it, while we flew up bogota i saw the city so was awesome, but damm, that lady besides doesn't let me see well

    after an hour flying, we were over Barranquilla, and i could see colombia's tallest mountain, it was awesome..., then i saw Bocas de Ceniza...the point where the Magdalena river and the Caribbean meet, and then sea came for the rest of the flight... just after that, the crew gave us our "Lunch", a sandwich...i think it was chicken, no big stuff, it didn't feed me much...but still it was delicious. All the food was good, and service too, CO has a very merry crew

    then i tried to watch the movie..."Welcome to mooseport" was so boring, i prefered to turn on my discman, and take a nap.

    sadly, the caribbean climate didn't thought i deserved a relaxing nappy time... and the babies in the flight... so well...i had to try to sleep for 6 hours what a cool thing

    then they featured " 50 first dates"...i went asleep again...but this time...something weird happened... the plane shaked so much...i became a bit scared..and so the rest of the people... the pilot applied more power...and it was kinda nasty...and that's how we entered the US

    i couldn't see anything...and apparently, the flight wasn't even close to EWR i slept again, till i felt we were descending, and tara!, i saw clauds ...but then..i saw a huge river...and the classical suburban US ... huge highways...and factories... yeah...we were aproaching to EWR then...but i was i din't know if i would see NYC i was kinda sad...but then i saw some sea....and i found out we would be able to see was looked great...

    then we went lower...and lower... and the Empire State got lost from my sight... suddenly...we tuched down...somehow...on time

    EWR seemed a bit small for least compared to MIA or other airports i've seen in the US...and weirdly...full of CO aircraft...then we passed by a thereshold...and woaaaa a plane passed just over us...i almost pee of my exitement...then we headed to terminal C...full of CO airplanes... we parked by some 737s and cousin was very exited cuz he hadn't seen so many planes ever.

    AT EWR...

    I supposed we had 3 hours to connect,but i didn't remind that the East coast time was one our ahead from Colombian we lost one hour.

    EWRs terminal 3 is one of the beautifullest terminals ive been to, but sadly... it only housed CO planes...i saw so many 777s ...and so many destinations., was astonished...but i was in a rush to find my parents, who were already in custums and inmigration, cuz they went out before us...

    finally i found them.... and a thousand people more, that line was the longest i've been to enter the states... my dad tried to call my uncle by the cel phone...and a security guard shouted so unpolitely...i felt in 1941s germany...seems they don't like people leaving their money in the States...

    when we finally did our stuff, we went to pick our bags.... IT WAS HUGE...and FULL.... i almost couldn't find my bag... and then more lines... and it was allready 5.... then they gave us some cards...and we had to follow the blue line... i think that the airport personnel is so rude...
    while CO was so nice again...a man told us to go upstairs we could drop our bags... we had to take of our locks and unwrap our bags ( in colombia is usual to wrap the bags so nothing can enter the bag...and saves you any probable trubble,as bags are inspected by police before wrapping)

    I was a bit worried for our bags... then we headed to the Airtrain...
    it was one of the coolest rides i've done... i saw so many planes..and NYC in the background awesome...then we arrived to terminal A. Less nice than C but still i like it.

    we ate like pigs...(i had my real Lunch)...and bought some cool US stuff we don't find anywhere else...i was so estressed...i wanted the flight to depart....because i just could see HP, CO,US and AA aircraft

    CO 1147
    Departure time: 7.00pm
    Arrival time: 8.33pm
    Plane: 737-500

    This little fellow was cute...the cutest little plane i've been on...
    seats were still like they been always( i think)... but still confortable...and i didn't care cus i was allready exhausted with the 6 hour "hop" from Bogota and the hassle arriving.

    I watched planes i've never seen, and and more CO planes, but i saw the one i wanted so badly to see, Singapore Airlines A340-500
    we passed over Newark city...and then...sight got blocked by...clouds, i turned on my discman, and fell asleep....

    ..when i woke up, everyone was eating... i was just jealous, but i called the F/A... and he gladly gave me a turkey sandwich Bravo CO... i wouldn't espect that in other airlines...and the sandwich was supperb, when i asked for a sprite can, she gave me the whole can..

    then i fell asleep again...i had to rest.... when i woke up, i was surprised that it was still day... then we arrived to MDW in coordination with the was awesome...

    we passed over chicago's suburbs...and then we were flying over Cicero's houses...and then...touchdown!

    we passed in front of Sears towers (literally)...and then i felt really i was in Chicago

    Arrival was normal...and then i found my bag...i was relieved... but still my cousin didn't arrive to the airport... when he finally picked us and took us to the condo. i found a little nice note from the TSA explaining why some of my asthma medication was lost

    thanks for reading...

    ORD-BOG via IAH is comming in next week

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    Nice report!
    - The baby will be back -


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      Nice report!

      How's that thing about the waiting lounges? are the big glasses blocked or what?

      I remember one time an AeroRepública flight to MDE got delayed 4 hours there and i was sooo happy in that glass watching all the heavies arrive (they could be seen)... I saw LH, AF, IB A340 (when LH went to BOG), my first time with a 777... BA. Anyway, are the glasses blocked?


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        you can actually see the airside... but you can't enter the waiting lounge...only if it's yours


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          nice report
          He who expected nothin......aint gonna be deceived-JR


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            Nice report!

            Pete Ganabathi
            Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

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