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Northwest 605/585 26 Aug 04 YYZ-MSP-SFO

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  • Northwest 605/585 26 Aug 04 YYZ-MSP-SFO

    I flew out here for a five day vacation, again using Northwest, which had the best fare available by over a $200 difference with AC, only catch being is a change of planes is required en route, where as AC flies the route non stop.

    Initially I chose 6A and 15A as seats using my Elite status, and was upgraded to 1B on the YYZ-MSP leg prior to departure, with an email telling me I was on the upgrade list for the MSP-SFO leg and would be advised if anything came open. No problem as I already was happy with my seat in Coach.

    I checked in electronically from my parent's place in Agincourt, and drove out to Pearson to catch the 0859 flight to MSP, which ended up leaving an hour late due to crew rest requirements, and heavy departure traffic from YYZ (we were #10 in line for a westbound departure off 23R I believe)

    First in the A319 was OK, with a cold breakfast on real crockery served. The coffee was acually quite good, and the rest of the meal included raisin bran, milk, a banana, and a cake like carrot muffin. The latter was a little sweet for my liking, but overall well presented.

    I still had 55 minutes for conection in MSP despite the late departure, and had quite a walk from the G concourse to the other end of the F concourse F14, where our relatively new 757-300 awaited me, along with an upgrade to first class seat 1B. Oh well, no window, but a bigger seat.

    They still serve a "free" lunch in Coach on this flight for some reason, which was annouced as a turkey sandwich. First Class lunch was a choice off BBQ Beef in a bowl with corn bread, or a chicken stir fry. I had the beef which was very good. The tray included a large greek style salad, which curiously was served with Thai sesame dressing (but tasty), rolls, and a large piece of NY style cheese cake. I had a flew glasses of white California white, and a also tried the red, OK. I did get some pics and will try to post them later.

    Ride out of MSP was really bumpy, and did not smooth out until we were over the Missouri. View into SFO was supurb, with vistas of Lake Tahoe, the Golden Gate, the City with the Bay Bridge in the background.

    Overall excellent, except NW has no IFE on domestic flights so I brought my own laptop and CD player.

    Booked back tomorrow and first all the way again. More to follow.
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    Good review, looks like NW is still a good bargain over other airlines.


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      Nice report! Bring on the photos!
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        Lot of good information. Looks NW still to be a good deal in terms of Legacies quality/price ratio.
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          Nice Report!
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