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LGA-ORD-LGA on AA LONG w/ tons of PICS!!!

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  • LGA-ORD-LGA on AA LONG w/ tons of PICS!!!


    Trip to the Windy City

    This is my first trip report so I tried to make it interesting and detailed!

    Well, the day had arrived. I had waited for this flight the entire summer! I had booked the tickets on American in mid July and now the day had came. I woke up at 4 because I had to drop of my sister at JFK… her and her friends were flying out of JFK on Northwest and me, my dad, my brother and my friend had chosen AA non stop to ORD. I had packed the night before and had my mom drop us off at the airport!

    AA 313
    MD 80
    Estimated Departure Time: 9:00 AM
    Actual Departure time 9:05
    Wheels Up 9:25
    Estimated Arrival 10:32
    Acutal Arrival: 10:45
    Reg# Could not get
    Gate D2
    Seat 7F
    Runway for takeoff 13

    We checked in the the AA counter. The check-in agent was extremely nice and gave us window seats. We had chosen seats from but later they canceled that and said that AA would assign seats at the airport. Don’t know why. However I later used the LGA computer and and saw that our seats were the last row!!! I went back to the lady and told her what she had done.. she was extremely sorry and pleasant but told us that this flight was TOTALLY full so she could put us on standby for the earlier 8:30 flight or we could talk to the gate agent.

    The LGA control Tower

    After hanging around the big windows we decided to pass security, which was a breeze. Then I headed straight to the gate agent who was very kind and she said she’ll see what she could do about the seats.
    Boarding started at 8:40 by zones. However we had to go last because the gate agent had our boarding passes! We walked down the jetway to the plane where the f/a greeted us, also the pilots. I had a quick glance at the cockpit, and walked through first class! The plane was an ex TWA aircraft! It was kinda dirty from the flight before. Surprisingly the gate agent had given me and my bro the bulkhead seats 7E and 7F and my dad got a seat in row 15. I was happy with my seats and the extra legroom! The saftey procedure was carried out by the F/A’s one whose name was Connie! The pilot briefed us on the flight. We would take off from runway 13 with the whitestone climb, to an altitude of 21,000 ft… then we went to 31,000ft.

    AA taxing to runway

    Just Standing there!

    We were in a long line for taxi. About 12 planes ahead of us. I was stunned by the power on these AA work horses!! The takeoff roll lasted about 20 seconds and we were in the air. We went over the Bronx.. I saw my school (Bronx HS. Of Science) and over New Jersey.

    I saw an airport but I couldn’t identify it. Somwhere over NJ i guess!

    Over PA, the beverage service started. The flight attendent was very nice and I got a entire can of coke and a garnola bar. Kinda small when you have a clear view of the F class delicious omellete breakfast!

    The flight was pretty much very uneventful and the F/A’s came for garbage pickup. After that I went to the bathroom and asked the other F/A if I could take a quick picture of the cabin. And she SHOUTED NO NO you cant, take a seat. What a grumpy lady I thought! Anyway we landed at ORD im not sure of the runway but I think it was runway 9! We passed some United 744’s and CRJ’s the ones from Airtran! Upon approaching our gate the pilot informed us of the conditons at ORD and more info for connecting passengers! We parked all around AA MD80's!

    It was a LONG walk from our gate to the baggage claim. Also AA terminal at ORD is under construction! We picked up our bags and headed to the shuttle busses to the Holiday Inn Ohare!
    Overall this flight was pretty good. Im happy with AA, and I might fly them again! Depends on where I have to go!

    Overall 7/10
    Service 10/10
    F/A 9/10
    Cleanliness 6/10

    After 4 days in Rosemont Chicago attending conventions, hanging around, swimming playing basketball, chilling and spotting.

    View from Mc Donalds!

    We ate at Mcdonalds mostly since that was the only thing clost to Stevens/Rosemont convention center and this was alsom 1/3 of a mile away!

    ICE CREAM DILEMMA... We took our Ice cream and later learned the hard way!


    Since our hotel was located rite next to Ohare and the Rosemont convention center all the takeoffs and landings went over our hotel! It was time to head home. I woke up today morning at 8 to get ready for the flight home!

    AA Flight 374
    MD 80
    Reg# N477AA
    Estimated Departure 12:00 PM
    Actual Departure 12:05PM
    Scheduled Arrival 3:00 PM
    Actual Arrival 2:50 PM
    Wheels Up 12:08
    Gate K19
    Seat 31F OH GOD HATED IT!!
    Runway Don’t Know
    Runway used for landing 4

    Well the Hotel Shuttle dropped us off at rainy ORD airport and we headed into the AA terminal. Huge! However there is only self service check in, but you can still check in with the agents who assist you, which is what we did. My friend used the kiosk but we checked in at the desk because we wanted good seats. The lady who was checking us in was nice, and tried to do everything to get us a window seat! She tried everything but later I found out there was no point because our seats were the LAST ones and the view blocked off by the engine! God how I hated it, also I knew it was going to be extremely noisy. Anyway we walked to the gate, which was again a LONG WALK, shudda brought my scooter!! I tried talking to the gate agent, but she said there was nothing she could do on a full flight so I had to stick to those seats. Boarding started at 12:40 10 minutes late, and since we were group 2 we got onto the plane quickly. This flight like my outbound flight was 100% full! We walked through the jetway and into the plane where we were greeted by a F/A, I also had time to check out the cockpit, because of the line in the aisle! The pilot and first officer were entering info and were busy so I decided not to bother them. We headed back to the dreaded row 31. As soon as I sat down I was like NOOOO!! Engine blocking the enitre window sucks! I was hoping for some good wing shots for this flight but that hope was shattered.

    This plane was very dirty and hadn’t been cleaned since it had come from Denver. There were food crumbs all over the place! The F/A were pleasant on this flight also, and the saftey demo was done! The pilot informed us on our route and that we would fly and that the weather was very “choppy” so expect turbulance! YES!!! We were to climb straight to an alt. of FL310. We pushed back slightly 5 minutes late. I managed to see a Lufthansa 744. The taxi was extremely quick because there was no line and we took off. Again a QUICK take off which prob lasted 20 seconds at most! It was very loud in the back that I couldn’t even hear my dad or bro talking! The Pilot came on telling the F/A’s to remain seated because of turbulance! After 10 minutes they started the beverage service from front to back. Of course we were last. I had a Dr. Pepper and the bag of Rold Gold pretzels. I swear there were only about 7 pretzels in that mini bag!!

    The F/A was extermely nice and told us if we wanted more drinks we could help ourselves. I wasn’t thirsty so I chose not to! This flight went by so quickly! Also in the row ahead of us was a 2 month old baby. So the pilot came back to give her a first flight certificate! He was saying how before there use to be much more that they use to give out to the kids but now its only a piece of paper! We started our approach somewhere over PA maybe NJ, it was very close! We passed over queens and from the window ahead of mine I got to see JFK, we passed over North Shore Hospital Forest Hills my dads workplace… sudddenly I got a feeling we were going to land on runway 4!! I saw the college of aerounautics and plainview park kinda cuz I was watching from the window ahead! We landed safely at LGA and taxied to our gate D5, on the way I saw Donald Trumps plane. During our taxi people in the front already got up and started opening the overhead bins, suddenly the F/A told them to sit down!!! Meanwhile I stole acutally (took) 2 MD80 safety cards and the magazine to get even for the horrible seats!!! Once we parked at the gate they kept us waiting like 5 minutes till they opened the door! Don’t know why! We went down to our baggage claim and we were picked up by my mom!

    Overall AA was good for this 2hr flight. The more room through out coach is an excellent idea which really does give a lot of legroom! Will I fly AA again, well its to early to tell, depends on where I go!

    Overall 8/10
    Service 8/10
    Cleanliness 4/10
    F/A’s 10/10
    Puncutallity 9/10

    Well that’s it. I hoped you enjoyed my trip report!!
    Only the dead have seen the end of the war-Plato

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    AWW man wrong forum!
    Only the dead have seen the end of the war-Plato


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      Nice but can't see the pics
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        cool review


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          Great review! Makes me want an ice cream real bad!

          That Independence Air jet looks VERY sexy in it's livery![/quote]


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            btw can you people see the pictures.. and do you think any of those can get accepted to or
            Only the dead have seen the end of the war-Plato


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              Umm am I just not focused right now or what?, since when does it take 20 minutes for the gear to come up?
              You wrote:
              Actual Departure time 9:05
              Wheels Up 9:25
              by the way, nice review though.


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                Originally posted by fly1346
                btw can you people see the pictures.. and do you think any of those can get accepted to or
                Unfortunately, I dont think so. But I really like the runway shot!


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                  Oh lol departure i meant as the time we left the gate we were in taxi for 20 minutes! Even the Pilot said " its a typical friday morning in NY" we'll take off SOON!!
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                    Re: LGA-ORD-LGA on AA LONG w/ tons of PICS!!!

                    Originally posted by fly1346
                    Since our hotel was located rite next to Ohare and the Rosemont convention center all the takeoffs and landings went over our hotel!!!
                    At that location you will only see traffic from one runway- 27R. Traffic on 27L will be south of you, and traffic on 22R to the northwest. You saw only a small portion of the arrivals as 27R is generally used as "overflow" for the other two runways when O'Hare is using "Plan Weird". The map below shows 22R as the overflow, but my observations seem to show 27R as overflow. Runway 22R is a nearly-constant stream of RJ's, 737's, and other small stuff. Larger aircraft are also seen, but 27L will see the vast majority of the heavies and nearly all of the cargo traffic.
                    Plan Weird
                    Land: 22R/27R/27L
                    Depart: 32L/32L(T10)/22L/32R
                    This is a very efficient configuration in that it provides three arrival runways with minimal impact to departing aircraft. “Land and Hold Short” operations apply when landing 22R and 27R simultaneously. Generally, the 22R traffic will be required to hold short of 27R. The 22R hold short available landing distance is 6050 feet compared to 5700 feet of available runway for 27R holding short of runway 22R.

                    This information from the FAA at:
                    George R. Widener
                    Oshkosh, WI USA
                    Aircraft Photos Here
                    Railroad Pictures Here


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                      Wow thatnks for the Info! I didnt see many heavies either Except a Lufhtansa 744 and a BA 777 were the highlights the rest were domestic aircrafts!
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                        hmmm...i see your used your "other" camera...i thought you were going to use the 5mp one..??..but i don't think any of them can make it...well i didn't see all of them. Red X's
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                          Originally posted by 777Captain
                          Umm am I just not focused right now or what?, since when does it take 20 minutes for the gear to come up?
                          You wrote:
                          Actual Departure time 9:05
                          Wheels Up 9:25
                          by the way, nice review though.
                          777Captain- Actual Departure time= pushback time?

                          Nice Trip Report for the first time out fly1346.



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                            Nice report!

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