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  • The best flight you have

    My best flight is the KUL-PER KUL-BKI KUL-SYD BKI-KUL. The best flights ever!! a380 my dreams of flying :
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    I'm surprised there are no stabs at replys on this question.

    Let me take a stab at it.

    It is difficult to pinpoint the actual best flight since different flights fall into different categories. What I mean is a longer flight can be compared to other long flights.

    I enjoy all takeoffs and landings (ie: descents as well)

    On many of my long haul flights it can get quite boring as many of you may relate.

    I flew a Rome-Toronto leg on a then Canadian Airlines 767-300ER which, with headwinds, took 10 hours 10 minutes. That was my longest nonstop flight. It was long but time seemed to pass quite nicely as I was in the front of economy on a window with great weather all the way. That was a good long hauler.

    Another was a Vancouver-Amsterdam leg on a KLM MD-11 on our honeymoon to Greece.

    As for short haul 35 minute flights from the large Greek island of Crete to Athens, I did many and last year one of them was on an Olympic 737-400 at fl240 over the Greek Islands with some sporadic clouds over the Aegean Sea. What a relaxing flight. Short haulers are the way to go.

    Medium haulers? I always enjoyed the Vancouver-Toronto flights not too short but not overly exhausting. In fact on Sept 26 I'm flying again to T.O. only this time on an MD83. First time that long on a narrow body. It will be different.

    My absolute best?

    The short Greek Island hoppers, with the one I described above as king.

    P.S. On the night before my first A380 flight I fear I won't be able to sleep from all the excitement.
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      my best flight's ever were:
      KBOS-LHR on a virgian 742, LHR-KBOS on a 743(back in 97, round trip)

      the other was from atlanta to joberg on a 744 through SAA, and from joberg to Windhoek(captial of namibia) on a saa 738NG, and from Windhoek to cape town on a airnamib 744. all of this was on one trip. the flight from capetown a cuple of days latter was suposed to be on a a346, but due to mech. probs we took a 744. the first 2hr leg was wonderful, b/c their was none on it, but after joberg, it was horrible, mostly due to me(6'1.5", and my mom's(6') hight, and the people infront of us(around 5.5') insistance in jamming their seets into our knees, and than complaining about it to the rest of the plane(we couldnt move our knees, they are just that long. all our hight is in our legs)

      anywhay... thats it.
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        Any out of JNU or SEA, flights in AK rule
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          For me, it was a Thomas Cook flight from Manchester to Cuba aboard G-OJMC (A3300-243). We flew from Manchester to Cayo Coco which took approx 10.5 hours. The second half of the flight was spent at 41,000ft, highest I've ever been. We spent 1.5 hours in Cayo Coco in the transit lounge with a great view of the runway, shame there were only a few movements. Then the best bit. A short 30 minute flight from Cayo Coco to Holguin where we were statying for 2 weeks. It was only about 160 miles between the airports so we flew at low level over the Cuban jungle. I bet we wearn't more than 10,000ft high. Seeing cuba from this height in an A330-243 was quite spectacular. The landing was pretty special as well because of a gusty cross wind, the pilot do an outstanding job to put us on the concrete nice and smooth.

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            Probably would have to be LHR-SFO-SJC-LAX, all with in a day's work. The of the experience was just absolutely mad

            We jumped on the Heathrow to San Fran flight 5 minutes before push back (yes 5 minutes!). We'd originally planned to hire a car and drive down to Los Angeles for the meet up. It was only on the flight that we found out it was an 8 hour drive from SFO-LAX, which you don't really wanna be doing after a long haul flight.

            Once on the ground in San Fran, we tried with almost every airline for a direct flight to LA, but had no luck. The only option then was to get a mini-bus up to San Jose which was a 1 hour 30 minute journey and hope for the best and fly from there. Which is what we did, after Southwest saved the day and managed to get us a cheap fare

            After eventually arriving in LA, I couldn't wait to get to the hotel and just collapse on the bed and go to sleep... I was so tired :P

            I don't know how but everything seemed to go right for us through out the day. With all of these unplanned journeys of getting to LA, I felt something would surely go wrong and we'd get stranded somewhere in the middle or nowhere or something stupid like that Fortunately we didn't

            Thanks to Kev and James for putting up with me for those 24 hours of havok :P



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              US Airways
              It was just me, my parents, my bro, and another couple who had been bumped around going from LGA-CHS.
              Very good flight!!!


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                KBOS-LHR on a virgian 742, LHR-KBOS on a 743(back in 97, round trip)
                I dont believe they operated 747-300

                My favorite flight, was JFK-SFO, on a UA 767-200. Upgraded to first class and the old "relic" PTV's (FA's had to manually put in the videos)
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                  That is one easy question! My India/Singapore trip from this summer really took the cake!

                  Delta Air Lines MD-90 I think

                  ACA Fairchild Dornier 328JET

                  Singapore Airlines 744

                  Singapore Airlines 772

                  And the exact same thing on the way back, except:
                  JFK-ATL (no stop in DCA)
                  Delta Air Lines 763


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                    My absolute flight(s) were from ATL-PDX-ATL on an MD-11 back when DL flew ATL-PDX-NRT. Best non-rev trips ever. Domestic flight with International service plus BusinessElite on an MD-11 was quite nice. I did this trip three times in Fall 2000. Runner up goes to MCO-JFK on a Delta 777 (this was right before the route went to DLX).


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                      JAT in 1990, Stockholm-Belgrade-Dubai-Singapore-Sydney with DC9-DC10 if I remember right?
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                        My first int'l and 777 flight- BA288/BA289 PHX-LHR/LHR-PHX. G-YMMF was only three years old and service, food, airplane, everything was perfect. 11 hours of heaven!

                        Then QF 26/25 LAX-AKL-BNE/AKL-LAX on a 744. Around 19 hours... was okay...wish we'd gotten a newer aircraft, but my first 747 flight so it was great. Takeoff was the best with those RR engines!
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                          i tought this topic was dead.
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                            My best flight ever was my DEN-EWR flight on a UA 777 (I don't think UA has anything bigger than a 757 in EWR now). It was great, the food was good, I had good seats, the PTV's were good, the flight was not to long and not to short, I got to fly my favorite plane to one of my favorite airports (EWR), and its specail because UA doesn't fly 777s to EWR any more.
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                              My VERY BEST flight was an Air Canada A320 flight from DEN to YYC, which was a flight where I got to sit in the cockpit jump seat throughout the flight and the landing at YYC. This flight is especially special to me since a similar experience will no longer be possible.

                              I have had a number of other excellent flights, such as the NW flight from MSP to PDX in September where we had clear skies and excellent visibility the entire flight along with a cockpit crew who frequently got on the PA to point out the various sights along the way.
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