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    Thank God I have had quite a lot enjoyable flights, however FRA-EZE on the new Lufthansa Business Class was my best flight so far.

    Excellent service, great food, smiling F/As and the best -- the amazing PrivateBeds. I slep 9 hours out of 14, the F/A having to wake me up for breakfast while flying over Southern Brazil!

    I hope I can try it again...


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      Globally, CX, NH, SQ, SR, LH, RG and (yes !!) PZ vie for the top position, determining the very best is too difficult a task to tackle !
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        My best was a while ago, but I still remember it. Air Transat from YYZ-DUB. I was on an L1011, an amazing aircraft. Its a nice length about 7.5 hours (I think) and I remember being the only kid on the plane awake through out the whole night. I kept walking all around the plane, watching people barf there gutts out etc. Anyways-- It was GREAT.


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          WTF? Watching people vomit is not my idea of good fun on a plane...
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            Originally posted by KBOSv2
            WTF? Watching people vomit is not my idea of good fun on a plane...
            Hey, I was 8 years old on a long flight, what can I say- I was board. And I found it funny because I was enjoying myself and theres all these people...barfing. I dont think its my idea of 'fun' either!


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              any flight with a safe landing is always my favorite flight.


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                The best flight I ever had was OSLO-SEATTLE on the SAS DC-10 back in 1991. It was one of the last SAS DC-10's ever at that time, and it was a 100% smooth flight. I remember on the trip back, the speedometer went to 1150 KM/H or so.. Not too far away from the speed of sound border! Man, I miss the DC-10!

                The most enjoyable flight I enjoy regularly is the OSLO-HELSINKI flight. Last for a good 1 hour, and is flown by Finnair and it's A320 series aircraft. This ride is always pleasant because of the comfortable noise levels of the A320 series cabin, and of course, the kind Finnair FA's....!


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                  I have two flights which I remember very well. The first was Dec 23 in 1989 or so (could be 88, can't remember exactly as I wasn't that old at the time). Anyway, a Braathens 737 landing in Kristiansund (KSU), we managed to land at the third attempt! The only landing in central Norway that day! Thinking back at it I think there was way too much wind and stormy weather to ever clear a plane to land but the pilot was very determined on the third attempt. Needless to say, an elderly couple sitting behind us looked beyond pale and I doubt they ever flew again. I loved Braathens - to bad SAS had to take them over.

                  The second flight was in 1996 from Saskatoon to Montreal. Well, I only really remember the Saskatoon - Winnipeg part fondly because it was my first flight with a Bombardier CRJ. Now, for some reason, every time I fly with AirCanada their pilots seem to try to perfect the art of brutally hard landings. This CRJ pilot didn't want to be any different and in fact exceeded all landing expectations. All in all a great flight. That Montreal trip was a great one, by the way. If you want to see hot women rollerblading with minimal clothing, then go to Montreal's old port in the summer (but don't forget sunglasses unless you want to the be recognized as the oogling geezer!)



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                    This topic is really general (the best flight you have), but I’ll work with it.

                    June 1998 – C1 flight (C1 means customer’s first flight) from BFI to BFI / Alaska Airlines 737-400 (N797AS).
                    Alaska captain in the left seat, Boeing captain in the right seat, no jump. Roughly 10 passengers onboard, mainly for testing everything inside the cabin during flight…PA, FA call button, overhead lights/vents, seatbelts, overhead compartment doors, window shades, etc. For takeoff I sat in the rear facing FA jumpseat in the aft galley. Brakes set, full power, brakes released, unbelievable high performance takeoff. After a south departure we headed north towards PAE and then due east towards GEG. At 30K+ the cabin pressure was tested and oxygen was available if necessary. Both engines were cycled on/off. I listened for it, but couldn’t hear any difference. Now westbound from GEG, the pilots were intentionally stalling the aircraft…reducing power and adding flaps. It was amazing to watch the pilots control the aircraft as beads of sweat dripped from their forehead. The flightdeck door was never closed during filght, and in the doorway is where I stood for stalls and the one touch-and-go at MWH. Using the same MWH runway, we approached head to head with a 747 test flight. We were slightly ahead, but after lifting off, we climbed steeply and banked hard right. If you could put this experience into a pill, there would be no Viagra. Back at BFI, the captain made a short field landing…the touch down was normal, but as soon as the nose gear touched, it was all thrust reverse and brake to a very very abrupt stop. Power up to exit the runway, and the 2 hour adventure was over.

                    I'm looking for anything and everything Air 21 related


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                      I've only been on six flights so far [LGA-MCO; MCO-LGA; JFK-TPA; TPA-LGA; JFK-SXM; SXM_JFK], but if I had to pick, I'd go with JFK-TPA. This flight was aboard Song, Operated By Delta. Song is a great LCC. The leather interior is great, especially the variety of color inside the cabin. It makes the enviornment feel fun. Also, their PTVs are great. And even though you have to use money to buy food onboard (instead of getting it as a compliment with your boarding pass) it's really not all that bad.
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                        My favorite flights were my BOS-ORD routes on UA, particularly on the 757(then again, I just also happened to be sitting in Economy Plus on that flight, so that helps out a bit ). They were right after I had been bitten by the flying bug. They were my first trips alone, I got to spend some time in Terminal C, Channel 9 of their audio entertainment was the best, the staff were very helpful(even when my boarding pass got jammed in the check-in kiosk ), I finally got to see O'Hare, and the best thing of all was that I got to see my boyfriend on those trips(he was in Illinois during the first six months of our relationship of business) - .


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                          For me, always my Emirates 777 flights where I get upgraded to Business class at Dubai (which is often!). I love Emirates, love the 777, it's Boeing's best product ever IMO



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                            Air India B747-400 JFK-LHR-BOM Executive Class...Absolutely amazing service!

                            Air India B747-400 EWR-CDG-BOM Executive Class....Another great flight with the true Air India service. They really know how to treat a passenger and give you personal attention! I'll tell you, this carrier is on their way up!

                            Midwest Connect (Operated by Skyway Airlines) D328JET MKE-PIT - Amazing flight! This was rare as we got served real food on a short domestic flight. F/A came around no less than 6 times the whole flight and asked every passenger if then needed anything more. In this day and age, flying in the US sucks, but this shows that there are carriers out there that truly care about their passengers and Midwest is truly on of she was such a cutie!

                            US Airways A319-100 PIT-CUN First Class...What can I say? US Kicks! F/A started me off with a bloody mary and then went with her personal selections to offer me and my buddy anything and every type of cocktail they had! Plus the food was really good. Later she came and sat down and chatted with us. It really didn't feel like flying and brought the fun back in the experience! Could it be since we were employees? I dunno..but US has never failed me or given me bad service!

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                              My best flights that I have had are
                              Cathay Pacific CX107-108 from AKL-HKG,HKG-AKL. Everything on the flight I enjoyed, you name it! I love Cathay Pacific and Qantas so much!