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Should I fly Aeroflot?

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  • Should I fly Aeroflot?

    Hello everyone,

    In January, I will be flying from Washington to Dehli as part of my Grad School work. Whilst the cheapest fare is Turkish (about $1,200), the layovers in Istanbul are ridiculously long.

    However, for an extra $100, I can fly Delta to Moscow then connect to Aeroflot's Dehli service, on an IL-96, no less.

    The question is, with a total of 13 hours on Aeroflot (6 1/2 each way), is it worth doing just for the sake of flying an IL-96 and being able to say 'I've flown Aeroflot'?

    Air France via Paris is actually not much more expensive, but it is a helluva lot less exotic!

    The proposed flight plan is:
    DCA-JFK Delta MD-88 or CRJ
    JFK-SVO Delta 763
    SVO-DEL Aeroflot IL96
    DEL-SVO Aeroflot 772
    SVO-JFK Delta 763
    JFK-DCA Delta MD-88 or CRJ

    Advice, please!
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    My friend took them from JFK to Moscow and had nothing but bad things to say about them. He said that the service was awful and the flight attendants seemed to be rude towards the Americans or other foreigners but polite to their own countrymen. Since being on that flight, he has opted for Delta instead and said it was much easier on them since he encountered shorter lines in Moscow when returning.


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      I wouldnt know cuz i havent flown them but check and read the passenger opinions! I would say check with a local ticket agent they can get you Air India which is probably better!
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        Turkish Airlines isnt so well-known, they are exotic for Americans.
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          I've always wanted to fly Aeroflot, and I've always wanted to fly on a Russian plane. Also, if the price is right and the times are good, I'd say go for it!


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            the topic should read..."do i want to live?"

            I'm looking for anything and everything Air 21 related


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              My friend flew YYZ-Moscow and said even with an upgrade to "first" on the B763, it was still worse than economy class on another airline like Delta or Air France.

              I'd say Air France, unless you are wanting the experience of a Russian aircraft - but be prepared to go all the way...No IFE, no service, no problem!


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                Thanks for your replies, everyone.

                I read extensively the reviews on, and I must say views were mixed. People either liked/tolerated SU or absolutely despised them! Most of the negative comments seemed to be for Sheremetyevo Airport itself as opposed to the airline, though.

                I'm probably going to go for a less exotic, but more comfortable alternative, Air Canada DCA-YYZ-DEL return for under US$1,300. Pretty good deal, and only $50 more than TK, which has a 14-hour layover in Istanbul, a bit too long for a spotting outing and a bit too short for a worthwhile visit to the city. The DL/SU option was going to be about the same price as AC.
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                  Air Canada - Redefining Travel...
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                    Originally posted by airplanegeek
                    the topic should read..."do i want to live?"

                    That was great

                    Airigami I would Chose Air Canada for a few reasons.
                    A. Only one stop
                    B. Do u want to live?
                    C. Air Canada has great international service. I have flow YYZ-TLV and YUL-CDG and it was great. Delta looks inferior to Air Canada.
                    D. Star Alliance miles. If you don't want them I 'll takem.


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                      I flew Warszwawa-Moscow-Dehli with Aeroflot this summer, first leg Tu-154 (nice food, fairly comfortable seat and noisy), then a long wait at Moscow international (nice Irish pub there), then off with Aeroflotīs B777,
                      the connecting AI got to fly Aeroflotīs Il-96 to the same destination.
                      Crowded and not so comfortable, food OK, return flight was B777 again and LOT B737 (I think, some normal boring aircraft).
                      Airplanegeek, Aeroflot hasnīt crashed for 10 years after the horrendous
                      crash where the pilots kids where playing with the Airbus, so I reckon them as fairly safe.
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