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QF: SYD-MEL (prisoner Escort)

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  • QF: SYD-MEL (prisoner Escort)

    Well i didnt think this would come around again so soon but i am not complaining at all.

    Well we were told the previous night that we had a prisoner transport the following day. Our tickets were issued plus the paperwork we needed.

    Having finished work the day earlier at 11 o'clock at night after something had happened requiring us to do 5hrs of overtime it took a while to get going the following morning. My alarm clock went of at 4 in the morning and it took me and hour to ready (sorry if you dont want to hear this). There was no traffic on teh streets and i finally caught up with two police officers who i meant to catch up on earlier. They had drawn the short straw and had the night shift. (i live in the police housing at $40 a week in the CBD is bloody cheap) Its only a 5 min walk to the station but i hitched a lift with the duty serge who was going to work. Met with the other police officer who had this flight with me and i brought the round of coffee.

    5:50 came and we made ourselfs to the yard. The transport car was a caged car so we took a bog standard general duties car (i wanted to take my pursuit car but it was going into service so i later found out thats why i had the transport duty today). There was light traffic on the road to the airport as it was too early in the morning.

    We arrived at the ************ carpark and offloaded the prisoner and signed the papers. The prisoner was cuffed to each of us and two ramp officals from Qantas led us to the aircraft. As usualy the aircraft was to depart at 07:00 but we boarded the plane at 06:25 via the back airstairs.
    We boarded the aircraft an Airbus A330-200 VH-EBC and the captian showed us our seats. Row 59 F.E.D. The airline had prior warning and the last 4 rows of theircraft were left empty. The aircraft went through its usual checklists etc and we were cleared for take off at 07:20. The flight was rather smooth except when the prisoner unexpetcly yacked (threw up) over all of us. Using one hand a piece we had to act quickly. Two stewardess came to our aid with clothes to wipe the prisoner down and our clothes. We moved to the seat in front of us while the cabin crew cleaned up. We landed and went straight to our gate at 08:40. We thanked the cabin staff for acting quickly with our little problem and dis - embarked the aircraft via the back. again 4 (:S) qantas staff showed us the way to where the prisoner was to be handed over. the paperwork was signed the cuffs were realeased and he was passed over. The officer in charge was nice to us especially me (i smelt of puke and the right arm selve was stained) the other officer got off lucky. He gave me a spare police shirt and told me took keep it. A Qantas employee passed gave us a look then cam back. He took me to where the showers were kept and told me where everything is.

    By now the time was 10:00 so we booked in from the terminal and procceed up. Passing throught the security check the alarm went off when i passed through. After some discussion i was allowed to continue. We ate breakfast at the aiport (somehow we managed to get double of what the menu said) paid our bills and boarded the aircraft. We were allocated seats 23 A, B on a 767-300ER VHOGD right behind business class. We were all settled in when a cabin crew member came up to us and asked for our help. A person who claimed to have a business class ticket was in the seat. After a quick discussion the man left the business class seat. To cut a long story short the flight was un - eventful admit 2 NSW police officers on board with our full utlity belt on minus a handgun (but where was it? let you figure that out) one wearing NSW police uniform and me a VIC police shirt on. We had a red and stimpy show during the flight. The aircraft landed and we were first off. Our radio was switched on soon as we got off the plane and a message came through saying transport was awaiting us at the arrival. Upon waling to the arrival two police officers were waiting for us. We shook hands and procced to the car. Somehow we managed to get this.

    the trip back to the nick was halted when we were called to respond to a assult in progress at the pub in the CBD.

    Thats all i can say. Mind you its a big report. Hope you enjoyed it
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    Oh looks like the transport I will get when I arrived in Australia later this year??
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      - The baby will be back -


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        ohhh i forgot about that car. Its a 8 seater! i'll have to ask. Dont know why i did;nt think about that before
        Some people in today's society are so thick!


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          Very interesting, as usual.
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            You mean to say you couldn't get any pics of the aircraft with one arm handcuffed?


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              Informative report, many thanks again for posting.
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                Great report


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                  really interesting, nice to read something out of the ordinary every once and a while.


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                    That is what i wanted to do becuase it gets a bit boring reading same posts time after time
                    Some people in today's society are so thick!


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                      Originally posted by Ansett
                      That is what i wanted to do becuase it gets a bit boring reading same posts time after time
                      amen brotha


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                        Interesting unusual flight report Those Holden SUVs look nice. Reminds me of Isuzu.
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                          Nice report!

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